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Jun. 24th, 2011


Let's be off to fairy land

And here we go - a new chapter of Happily maybe after - yes, it's chapters now, so much about short story, but let's just call it artistic freedom ;P
'Part 1' is therefore now called The Princess in the tower

Will Bran ever really become a hero? Will Finn be able to decide if he is a prince or a princess and will Pax find the biggest pint of beer? - I honestly don't know. But let's just see what they are up to this time ^^

Warnings and Disclaimer: see The Princess in the tower

The big, bad WolfCollapse )

Jun. 4th, 2011


A new story

Yes, I am writing a new story - not that I'm not writing a gazillion stories already, but I don't let you read them *mwahahahahahahahaha*- a new short story, though it actually seems it's going to be not quite that short.

Anyway, some while ago, arooza and flummy_pumpkin were both complaining that my stories are always so depressing and sad and whatnot and I should write something funny for a change. So, all right, it took a while to come up with an idea, but here it is - you have been warned!!

Warning: This story makes no sense whatsoever, it's just some cracked up parody ^^
Disclaimer: I don't own Rumpelstiltskin or any other fairy tail character that might or might not show up eventually, however, I do own this particular story and all the rest of the characters including the whole wide world - oh yes, it will be mine, mine alone - MWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

And here we go, the first part (you've heard right, it's so not finished yet) of

The Princess in the towerCollapse )

Jan. 2nd, 2011


And 'Bad Moon' the second - Action!!

But first: Happy New Year!!!!
Hope you had a nice start of the new year and I wish us all a wonderful, spectacular, breathtaking, adventurous, gorgeous year filled with lots and lots of pretty and fun and joy and health and... so much more ;)

*big group hugging*

Okay, and now we come to the main attraction of this day: the second part of ~Bad Moon Rising / Singing Moon~. *phew* I'm telling you, not only did it take me the whole week to finish it, no, it took me two whole days to type it! I'm done, I'm absolutely done. So enjoy or I will throw something hard at you.

~Bad Moon Rising/ Singing Moon~ Part 2Collapse )

Dec. 25th, 2010


A small read ^^

And, did you all get nice presents? I actually have one more for you, if you should be so inclined (though I could make a bet as to who is). ;D

Well, then, here's the first part of a new short story - the second part will follow, hmm... let's say on New Year's Day. Until then, please do enjoy ^^

Title: Bad Moon Rising / Singing Moon (sequel to Harvest Moon and Hunter's Moon)
Rating: ~16
Warning: Still the same as with every other part of it, so just check them there.

Bad Moon Rising / Singing MoonCollapse )

Sep. 19th, 2010


Arrrrrrrr, a shanty ;)

Arrrrr, it’s ‘Talk like a pirate’s day, an’ if tha’ ain’t enough, it’s me heartie arooza’s anniversary of ‘er first ‘commandeering’. ‘Ope yer all know what tha’ means, yer lousy scallywags! Time fer some nice little shanty, it is. Savvy?!

Stab yer cutlass in here fer some shanty: Hunter’s MoonCollapse )

Jul. 14th, 2010


FMA fanfic

Just the other day siberianchan and I had a nice little conversation about Fullmetal Alchemist. One thing led to another and we ended up writing this nice little piece of fanfiction together. Enjoy ;)

In vino veritasCollapse )

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Nov. 14th, 2009


Life without internet

It all began thursday morning. I was just trying to send an e-mail and that's when it happened - my internet connection died and wasn't to be revived anymore and with it our land line died.:( 21st century communication - failed epically!
Against my nature, I decided to stay calm and relaxed and was overly optimistic that it'll soon be back. Hours went by and still nothing.
I do admit, after 5 hours I got a little bit edgy. The e-mail I had tried to send was to a group at university considering a meeting, so yeah, I think they were actually kind of waiting for a reply. And not to mention that there are things I have to do for university till monday and right, the course material is online o.0 Great.
Well, yes, I was really irritated that the nice support person from the hotline was no help at all, but even more irritating was the fact that it still didn't work the next morning, or afternoon as it is. When the technician finally called, he offered to come by on tuesday... tuesday?! What the bloody hell do mean by 'tuesday'???!!
I explained to him that this just simply wouldn't do, because I had some work to do and besides, our landline didn't work either and we need to be reachable in case there's something wrong with my grandparents. At last he was so kind to re-organise a few things and now, finally, internet and telephone are alive again!! Yay!! Banzai!! :D

So, and the problem was? That blasted modem, which wasn't even working the way it should ever since we took it out of its packaging, no matter how much they assured us that it would be working just fine, of course. *hmpf*
If they would have given us a new one as we requested, we all could have been saved quite some trouble.

Oh, well, all's well that ends well, right?! ;D

Sep. 18th, 2009


A little birthday greeting

Another year has passed and so I say once again: Happy Birthday [info] arooza</div>I wish you all the happiness in the world, and I do have a little something for you. Now, I know you like Vampires - so Vampires you get, well, one. 
I have no idea why I only have ideas for short stories days before your birthday, but I guess Shiki just likes you ;) (it's my muse, yeah, she has a name now ;P).
So, without much further ado for your (and whose ever else shall feel so inclined) reading pleasure:
Warning: I'd rate it PG14, and it's a Vampire story so... 
Harvest MoonCollapse )

Sep. 15th, 2008


My Muse and a short story

So this week-end has been awfully boring. I was hoping that seeing as I had nothing to do, no books to read, nothing to watch, absolutely nothing - I could at least work a bit on my writing stuff. But no! My Muse decided she had to be off for the week-end. Not that surprising actually, oh well. At last she came back and attacked me right away with nice little ideas - from which, of course, none of them had to do anything with what I'm working on. *sigh* 
But there had been one idea that worked out quite well for me, a tiny little short story. And I give this story to my absolutely gorgeous, fantastic, spectacular friend arooza  as a little pre-birthday present :D Hope you like it!


It had started to rain, so I decided it was time to head home. Not that there was anything I could have missed now. The only ones that had been out today  had been the obnoxious brat next door and the burly one with the permanent bad mood. I had split up from them rather early. The rest of the day had been very slow going. I had spent some time dozing in the sun and had simply wandered around without any aim. It had been a nice change from the chaotic days this week, but now, with the rain, it was definitely the best to be home all warm and cosy.

As I came close to the house I saw the light was on. So, she was home, too. Well, at least that meant I would get something to eat. I had been hungry for the longest time already today, but more than a few little snacks had not been in it. Anyway, she was early today, or was she late? I really could never remember the time she came home in general. It was more like both of us just simply showed up whenever we felt like it. There was no bickering about that, not even if I decided to stay out for a couple of days. Some of the others were not that lucky, had heard them complain about how they were getting pestered about being at home more often, sometimes you could even hear someone being called home. Well, they always did go then, being way too embaressed. I guess they could have stayed, but having the rest of us on you for the rest of the day was not exactely what you would call the better choice. But no, she was definitely not one of those, she always kept cool about it, she knew that I would come back. It was just a question of trust. We had always trusted each other, right from the start. Thus, living together was easy for us. We knew how much freedom the other needed and when to be close. Although, there were still times when we really annoyed each other.

I went in and headed straight for the kitchen. My heart sank when I did not find the meal I was hoping for waiting for me. Of course, always the same. Why did I always have to remind her that I am hungry? For once she could just have had it ready when I came home. Still hungry and starting to feel irritated  I went to the living room looking for her.

And there she was, sprawled on the sofa. She looked worn out and somewhat malancholic. When she saw me, the ghost of a smile flew over her face. I waited staring at her. What was it this time, I wondered. Maybe it had something to do with that bloke that sometimes stopped by. I did not like him the least. He gave off a bad aura, and his attitude towards me always left me grumpy. What she saw in him was a real enigma. But there was nothing I could do about that.

She looked so sad and forlorn that I did not only forget my hunger, my irritation also dissipated. I joined her on the sofa, close enough to feel the warmth of her body. She sighed, and the little smile reappeared. I could tell that she needed some comfort. She started telling me about her day, about what she was upset about. Admitted, I did not really listen to anything she said, but getting it out of her seemed to be more than enough. I could feel her gradually relaxing, and her mood lightened up. I had always been good in cheering her up, no matter how bad it was. She pushed herself up a bit so she could lean on the arm rest and drew me closer. I let her. It was a nice feeling to share each other’s warmth. It had been a good idea to come home.

Life was good the way it was. I had a great home, all the freedom I could ask for, and someone who took care of me. How could I have been any more content than with what I already had? Somehow, I guess, I just loved that can opener.

I rolled myself up next to her, as she settled down onto the sofa more comfortably again. She was silent now, the only sound was the patter of rain on the windows and my blissful purring as she slowly scratched me behind my ears.

“I love you little furball” was the last thing I heard her say, before I drifted into a deep slumber and off to the fields of my dreams, hunting mice and dozing in the sun.

Aug. 20th, 2008


I'm finally here

After being undecided for ages and then having to find a new user-name (which took me ages too) I'm here *yay*
And hopefully I will have lots to talk about, but for now: Greetings to everyone out there and somehow stumbling over my little page =)

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