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September 2014

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My Muse and a short story

So this week-end has been awfully boring. I was hoping that seeing as I had nothing to do, no books to read, nothing to watch, absolutely nothing - I could at least work a bit on my writing stuff. But no! My Muse decided she had to be off for the week-end. Not that surprising actually, oh well. At last she came back and attacked me right away with nice little ideas - from which, of course, none of them had to do anything with what I'm working on. *sigh* 
But there had been one idea that worked out quite well for me, a tiny little short story. And I give this story to my absolutely gorgeous, fantastic, spectacular friend arooza  as a little pre-birthday present :D Hope you like it!


It had started to rain, so I decided it was time to head home. Not that there was anything I could have missed now. The only ones that had been out today  had been the obnoxious brat next door and the burly one with the permanent bad mood. I had split up from them rather early. The rest of the day had been very slow going. I had spent some time dozing in the sun and had simply wandered around without any aim. It had been a nice change from the chaotic days this week, but now, with the rain, it was definitely the best to be home all warm and cosy.

As I came close to the house I saw the light was on. So, she was home, too. Well, at least that meant I would get something to eat. I had been hungry for the longest time already today, but more than a few little snacks had not been in it. Anyway, she was early today, or was she late? I really could never remember the time she came home in general. It was more like both of us just simply showed up whenever we felt like it. There was no bickering about that, not even if I decided to stay out for a couple of days. Some of the others were not that lucky, had heard them complain about how they were getting pestered about being at home more often, sometimes you could even hear someone being called home. Well, they always did go then, being way too embaressed. I guess they could have stayed, but having the rest of us on you for the rest of the day was not exactely what you would call the better choice. But no, she was definitely not one of those, she always kept cool about it, she knew that I would come back. It was just a question of trust. We had always trusted each other, right from the start. Thus, living together was easy for us. We knew how much freedom the other needed and when to be close. Although, there were still times when we really annoyed each other.

I went in and headed straight for the kitchen. My heart sank when I did not find the meal I was hoping for waiting for me. Of course, always the same. Why did I always have to remind her that I am hungry? For once she could just have had it ready when I came home. Still hungry and starting to feel irritated  I went to the living room looking for her.

And there she was, sprawled on the sofa. She looked worn out and somewhat malancholic. When she saw me, the ghost of a smile flew over her face. I waited staring at her. What was it this time, I wondered. Maybe it had something to do with that bloke that sometimes stopped by. I did not like him the least. He gave off a bad aura, and his attitude towards me always left me grumpy. What she saw in him was a real enigma. But there was nothing I could do about that.

She looked so sad and forlorn that I did not only forget my hunger, my irritation also dissipated. I joined her on the sofa, close enough to feel the warmth of her body. She sighed, and the little smile reappeared. I could tell that she needed some comfort. She started telling me about her day, about what she was upset about. Admitted, I did not really listen to anything she said, but getting it out of her seemed to be more than enough. I could feel her gradually relaxing, and her mood lightened up. I had always been good in cheering her up, no matter how bad it was. She pushed herself up a bit so she could lean on the arm rest and drew me closer. I let her. It was a nice feeling to share each other’s warmth. It had been a good idea to come home.

Life was good the way it was. I had a great home, all the freedom I could ask for, and someone who took care of me. How could I have been any more content than with what I already had? Somehow, I guess, I just loved that can opener.

I rolled myself up next to her, as she settled down onto the sofa more comfortably again. She was silent now, the only sound was the patter of rain on the windows and my blissful purring as she slowly scratched me behind my ears.

“I love you little furball” was the last thing I heard her say, before I drifted into a deep slumber and off to the fields of my dreams, hunting mice and dozing in the sun.


<333 :D
That's a great read :) A little irritating at the beginning because you or I did not really know what this relationship was about and who the story teller was lol But a really good end :)
Thank you!! :D

Oh yeah...little irritating ...I know, but it simply wouldn't get better no matter what I tried and then I just thought 'Oh the hell with it!" ;)

Irritating in a positive way. It makes you curious to read on and if it's just to find out who that 'person' is. IMHO it's a really good idea to write out of the cats sight.
:D Thanks.
Cats are great and so much fun to watch and I think sometimes they really see you as nothing more than a can opener.
The little tyrants ;D
Welcome :)

I must admit I'm not too fond of cats since my last one kept jumping out of dark corners to attack you. Developed a cat hair allergy as well. But then I'm also rather a dog person ;) Even if cats are really lovely furballs. The ones who are not glowering at you lol
Dogs are nice,too, though I'm definitely for cats.
But I know some cats can be a little.... strange. My friend's mom has a cat which I could swear is simply psychotic. She bites and you can already see she's going to attack you when she gets this Psycho-look. Her brother's girlfriend was extremely scared of the cat because, as she said, the cat had demon eyes! o_o (she was from Korea)

I'm so glad I'm not allergic to any animals.
lol it can be only one ;)
Oh yeah a former friend's cat had such eyes. He used to watch you and your moves and I never touched him. He wasn't trustworthy.
My very first cat was a precious. So lovely he never thought of hurting you but he never was really healthy. What a pity he had to die that young. Or was poisoned.

Yeah I guess that's a gift today. I'm glad it's just when I e.g. sit too long on a couch they slept. Once I stayed with a friend and I had to sleep on the cats bed lol Of course I got new sheets and all that but hairs are evil.

Did I ask if you have a cat?
I have no cat, because my mom doesn't like animals that much and as I'm still sharing the house with her... =(
Hmm, maybe I can persuade her to get a pat rabbit again or something else that's small. I miss having a pet.

Do you have one? Dog, rabbit, fish?
Aww what a pity. But yeah it's always not that easy when you do not live alone.
I'd love to have a rabbit or two again. A friend is breeding them and plans of getting rid of the little furballs :( But I have no time. And I live in an own flat in my parents house and my dad is not happy about a cage on their terrace - I have no space left. I already looked for a wooden cage but at the moment I can't afford it. Well that means I need my money for something like insurances - bugger.

We have a family dog. She stays downstairs but that doesn't mean I don't have duties lol This is Karla

The families second fur baby. My 'love' died two years ago...-still sad is-

My parents have an aquarium which they inherited from my sister lol They'd wish they could get rid of it

Edited at 2009-09-22 06:42 pm (UTC)
Awww so cute! :D

Yeah, I'm still sad my rabbit died and that was already over ten years ago now.

Hmm the cages. I had a nice wooden cage but my rabbit broke the door more than once 0_0 and my dad was so not happy about him digging in his English lawn ;)But he was sooooo cute, I really still miss him.

Oh god, insurances! They are taking all my money but do I get anything in return? I'm already nearly broke because of them!

Hmm to get rid of an aquarium. I would put it in the newspapers. Are there still fish in it?
And she knows it lol She's a diva and you would never guess she lived 6 months on Crete's streets.

Aww sorry to hear that :( It's a pity they have to die -sniffs- I got my first rabbit when I was 5. Schnuffi stayed with me until I was 17. He was great...followed me and such. In summer the doors from the kitchen (where he had his cage after his fellow died) out in the garden were open and he hoppled in and out. Never run away or so. Sometimes he slept in my bed lol
So I understand you pretty well that you miss your little fellow. And who cares about English lawn lol

Well at the moment I don't have to pay for law stuff ;) That's not bad lawyers are expensive but otherwise you're right. Totally nuts. But then again I wouldn't want to use my 'Unfallversicherung' ;)

My sis wants to give it just in 'gute Hände' and yeah there are fish in it. They just don't want to die although some of them are really old for their breed
Aww, she was a street dog? Poor thing. How great she has a good home now and people who love her =)

Wow you're rabbit got old and he seemed to be really great :D
My rabbit had to be put to sleep because of a brain tumor =( He followed me around too. but it would have been too dangerous letting him roam around the garden free. He was too curious, followed people everywhere and he always thought every creature on this planet would be nice to him, no matter if it's a cat or a dog or whatever else =)

Hmm what are you feeding those fish?? ;D
They say she was a street dog yes. She's still pretty jumpy and is afraid when you touch her and she didn't notice it earlier. So I think she got used to the good things pretty soon :D

He was :D It's so a prime example lol The second was different and always ill. All the vet bills were a fortune and he had to be put to sleep too -sniff-

Aww it's a pity you lost him that way :( Poor little fellow. Oh he was a brave rabbit indeed :) Yeah I can imagine that it was better to keep an eye on him or two.

Don't know what they get. They are even to big to flush them down the toilett lol If you'd do that. Crazy to imagine that people really think they do them any good to 'free' them that way
Always so sad when you have to put a pet to sleep or they die. If they had a long and nice life at least ...

Strange fish you got there... o_o

That's what happens when people give urban myths too much credit ;)
Let's hope so...we had a dog over for the weekend and you knew he wasn't treated well at home. Such a cutie...

Suppose it's my sisters aura lol

A former colleague did it and she called herself pet lover...cow. That are the moments when you hope they come back and bite that very person in the backside lol We flushed too but as burial at seas lol
Poor dog =(

Some people are just really stupid, like incredibly stupid....
I think it's just fine to burry a fish at sea, or well, at the next best thing ;)

Woah... strange aura your sister has - to let fish grow o.O
Yeah there are a few poor creatures...but as long as they're fed and have a home they can't do something.
The dog here where I work is also such a poor lass.

As stupid that it hurts ;) It's shocking to think they're matured lol Poor world...

lol we do have a little cemetary at my parents garden where we did burry the 'bigger' animals. Not even my dad could have done something else with them.

My sis is strange lol