fendassor (fendassor) wrote,

Happily Maybe After

My fairy tale parody aka the thing in which I mess up well-known fairy tale motifs and characters. It's so far the only funny thing I've written, and it only happened because two very good friends of mine said they wanted to read something funny for a change. So there you have it.

Rating: Teens?? I have honestly no idea
Warnings: occassional swearing, boozing, random nonesense, total crack, characters with identity crises
Disclaimer: I don't own any fairy tale character that might or might not appear at any time whatsoever - everything else though is mine and mine alone ;P

The Princess in the tower

The big, bad Wolf

The bully and the Gingerbread House

Fur balls and rotten apples

An exhausting task

There are two kinds of dwarves

Pax the Mighty

The Alright, the Mediocre and the Ugly

Status: to be continued

Tags: happily maybe after, masterpost, writing
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