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September 2014

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And 'Bad Moon' the second - Action!!

But first: Happy New Year!!!!
Hope you had a nice start of the new year and I wish us all a wonderful, spectacular, breathtaking, adventurous, gorgeous year filled with lots and lots of pretty and fun and joy and health and... so much more ;)

*big group hugging*

Okay, and now we come to the main attraction of this day: the second part of ~Bad Moon Rising / Singing Moon~. *phew* I'm telling you, not only did it take me the whole week to finish it, no, it took me two whole days to type it! I'm done, I'm absolutely done. So enjoy or I will throw something hard at you.

~Bad Moon Rising / Singing Moon~

~Part II~

It had already been a week since they had thrown him into this stinking, cold, moist and dark cell. He had no idea where this dungeon was. Right after they had been out of the house and out of sight from the others, that big bloke that seemed to be the one in command had something strange to him. It had happened so fast he couldn’t even say what had happened exactly, only that he had blacked out then. When he woke again he was in that blasted cell.
And in all the time he’d been here, he had seen not a single soul. Every second day, a scuttle opened and a cup was shoved inside before it closed again. Blood. Seemed like they weren’t interested in starving him to death, although it was just enough to keep him lucid – somehow.
Alexis picked up today’s cup and took a careful sip. It was cold and stale and had the aftertaste of Moon’s Shade but nutritious. ::Human blood::, he thought. Strange, they were so uptight when it came to those silly laws and yet they fed him human blood – the blood of a mortal. ::Do they keep them like stock somewhere, so they can suck them dry?::, Alexis wondered, scowling at the cup. Disgusted he put it aside. ::How long are they going to keep me here without anyone ever showing up?::
His question should be answered just a few hours later. Alexis had no way of telling if it was day or night, having no window in his cell. The heavy door creaked open and the light suddenly illumination the room hurt his eyes, tears blurring his vision.
A man stepped inside, tall and elegant, dressed in a fine suit. His left ring finger sported a big golden ring with the emblem of the Council - a rank of roses wound around a crescent moon.
Alexis stood up, rubbing his eyes and faced the man. Grey blond hair slicked back and bound with a ribbon, not a single hair out of place, thin lips frozen into a sneer and cold, lifeless grey eyes – it all seemed very familiar.
“Alexis Morgan,” the Vampire said in a mixture of disgust and delight. His voice was oddly breathless.
“Jeanny!” Alexis smiled dazzlingly.
“It’s Jean-Paul and you know it.”
“Aw, but why so formal? After all, we practically know each other since childhood.”
“Yeah, something I’d rather not have mentioned again.”
In the long silence that followed, they regarded each other, testing, probing, weighing one another. Of all the people Alexis had ever met in his life, Jean-Paul was certainly the least he had wished to meet again. Yet to find him here, a member of the new Council – hardly surprising. He had always been greedy for power, willing to do whatever it took to achieve his own goals, whatever those might be now.
“How’s Fredérique?” Alexis asked at last, his tone pleasant and conversational. The effect was instant. Jean-Paul’s perfect composure crumpled if only for a moment, but it was enough to give Alexis some satisfaction.
“That… you…” Jean-Paul sputtered. Then he cleared his throat and took a deep breath before he continued a little too lightly. “I believe she is fine.”
“So, you didn’t keep in touch with her? What a pity. Oh, but if I remember correctly, she chose Julian as her companion at last. Last time I met them, they seemed very happy.”
Jean-Paul’s face flushed angrily but he bit his tongue. Or maybe he simply wasn’t able to retort anything.
“You don’t seem to be aware of your situation, Alexis,” he changed tack. “You broke the law.”
“Oh please, we both know that my offence was ridiculously small and besides, this whole law is outrageous.”
“May that as it be but a law is a law.”
“So, what now?”
“Well, tomorrow, we will begin you re-education.”
“My what?” Alexis exclaimed. ::Re-education? What the hell is that about?::
“Yes. You will learn to be an acquiescent member of our society and to do your duty.” ::Duty. Acquiescence.:: Something smelled fishy about this. And even more so imagining a guy like Jean-Paul to comply with the requests of mortals. The Jean-Paul Alexis had known all those centuries ago had despised mortals. He had thought of them as something filthy, as inferior. He had thought Vampire-kind was supposed to rule over them. There was no way this man would join forces with mere mortals let alone pass laws that were clearly in their favour.
“What’s your agenda, Jean-Paul?” Alexis asked, scowling at the man. Jean-Paul’s lips stretched into a nasty, thin-lipped smile.
“That is no concern of yours,” he replied.
“You would never shake hands with a mortal let alone embrace them like this. So what is going on here?” Alexis pressed on.
“I’ve told you – not your concern. But you will find that everything is going according to plan.” ::Figures::, Alexis thought, though the question remained what Jean-Paul tried to achieve.
“Well then, I expect you to be on your best behaviour tomorrow, Alexis, and learn well.”
“As if,” Alexis snapped. The other Vampire suddenly moved closer, close enough for Alexis to feel his hot breath on his face.
“You know, that pretty, little doll of yours – maybe I should pay him a visit and play with him for a while, he must be lonely,” Jean-Paul said conversationally. His eyes remained as lifeless as always but the nasty sneer on his face bespoke the true meaning of his words.
“Oh dear, I’m sorry, but he doesn’t play well with others. Has a terrible temper, you see,” Alexis replied just as pleasantly, smiling kindly.
“A little wild cat, eh? Well, even the wildest animal obeys when its will is broken.”
Alexis smile froze, cold threat gripped his heart. He had forgotten just how much of a sadist Jean-Paul was. He would enjoy breaking Ciel more than anything else – and break him he would. The things that man was capable of would leave Ciel beyond any repair.
“Ah, I see, that got your attention. If you don’t want anything to happen to your precious boy, you should better do as you are told. But don’t fear, it will be over quickly. Lucky for you, you don’t have any gift. I heard it’s much less painful then.” Jean-Paul gave him a last cold smile, turned and left. The door fell shut behind him, leaving nothing but darkness and threat.
Alexis had no choice but to do as he was told, he couldn’t risk having that bastard anywhere near Ciel. But what would happen to him? Would he still be Alexis afterwards? Would he still feel the way he did now? Still love Ciel?
He took a shuddering breath and sank to the cold stone floor, curling in on himself. ::No gift:: It wasn’t entirely true that he had no gift, he had just always preferred to keep it a secret for his own convenience. After a certain time, every Vampire developed a gift, but it took centuries to really master it. There were, however, those who were born with a gift, developing it while they were still young. Those were special, their gift much stronger. For that they were highly sought after, pressed into things they might not even want to do, like becoming Enforcers as Christine and Marius had. And so, Alexis had decided not to tell anyone.
However, this was not the only reason. His gift demanded an enormous amount of strength from him, strength which he didn’t possess and there was only one thing that could lend him enough to use his gift: Ciel’s blood – the blood of his chosen companion.
Without Ciel he wasn’t even able to use his gift without killing himself.
::Ciel::, Alexis thought, feeling a stabbing pain deep in his heart. ::I hope you are safe, my love.::

It had taken them days and a whole lot of threats and bribes to find out where they had taken Alexis, but in the end they had arrived at a small sea-side village only a mile away from the Council’s new fortress.
Ciel sat in a dark corner of the shabby old guesthouse they were supposed to wait for Christine, staring at his pint of dark ale as if it might hold the answers to the universe. Marius pushed his way through the throng of people, reaching the table slightly out of breath and looking terribly harassed.
“Are you going to drink that or stare it away?” the small man asked. Ciel looked up, startled out of his reverie.
“What? Oh, sorry,” he answered sheepishly and took a sip from his ale. Wrinkling his nose in disgust, he had difficulties swallowing it. The ale was stale and far too bitter for his taste. “Urgh, I think I’d rather stare it away,” he said, trying hard not to be sick. “When is Christine coming?”
As if in answer, the mass of people suddenly divided and Christine came floating towards them. Her long, blood red skirt trailed after her, swishing over the dirty floorboards. Every single man’s eyes followed her greedily. Marius sighed exasperated. It had to be hard to have someone like Christine as companion, knowing that almost every man – and woman – on earth were lusting after her. ::And yet::, Ciel thought, casting a quick glance at Marius, ::she has chosen him.:: That thought made him smile. It showed some of Christine’s true character, not that which people saw looking at her. Despite all their quarrelling and complaining, Ciel had no doubt that Christine and Marius truly loved each other.
Christine took a seat and reached for Ciel’s pint of ale. Before he could stop her she had already emptied half the pint.
“Ew, that’s disgusting,” she exclaimed, pushing the pint away from her.
“So, what did you find out?” Marius asked, holding a box of mints drops out to her. Christine took one and popped it into her mouth.
“Well,” she began, “it really is a fortress. Guards on every possible entrance and on the bastion. Heavy doors, embrasures, the whole shebang. The prisoners are – where else but in the dungeon. It won’t be easy to get in and out of that thing.”
“Actually, it won’t be that much of a problem unless we run into too many guards at once,” Ciel said slowly. Christine smiled, giving him to understand she had quite forgotten about his gift. “But otherwise, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to sent a few guards straight into oblivion, Christine.”
“True, but the civilised way is to get them one by one and that could get tricky.”
“Plus, we don’t know if and what gifts they might have,” Marius added.
Ciel put his head in his hands. It was a suicide mission to storm the Council with only three men but they had known this from the beginning.
“Anyway, to separate them won’t be hard,” Marius put in. “We are three people, all we have to do is scatter. Don’t worry it’s not the first time we’re doing something like this.” Ciel cocked an eyebrow at the Enforcer, but the small man only winked at him and grinned mischievously. It encouraged Ciel more than anything else.
Their scheming lasted for hours and yet, in the end they agreed not to have a plan at all. Doing something reckless never worked when laid out in detail, the best way was to improvise, Marius had announced at last and Christine nodded her head in accordance as if those were the wisest words ever spoken. Strangely enough, it made Ciel feel a lot better about the whole endeavour.
“But, you know, I’ve heard some very strange rumours about the new Council,” Christine whispered. The bar was almost empty already, most of the patrons had gone home, only a few guests remained. The landlord was busy cleaning the last glasses and his wife was already sweeping the floor.
“What rumours?” Ciel inquired.
“It’s said that they re-educate their prisoners and that not everyone who’s following the new Council is actually doing it out of their own free will.”
“Seems like they are planning something and I doubt we will like it,” Marius interjected. A while they were lost each in their own thoughts until Christine said: “We should leave now.” By then, even the last guest had left and the landlord was falling asleep behind his counter. Christine fished two pieces of gold out of her purse, leaving them on the table when they quietly left the guesthouse.
Certain that the Council was already at their heels, Marius took great care of wiping all of their traces before they set out, cross-field, in the direction of the new Council’s fortress.
“We will have to find a hiding place as soon as the sun comes up,” Marius cautioned. “It’s not so easy to lead them astray during the day.” And so, shortly before the sun rose over the hills in the distance, a pale pink ribbon in the sky, they found a place in an old barn where they waited for the night to fall again.

When came morning? Was it day or was it night? Alexis had no way of telling, locked in his damp, dark cell. He still had the stale taste of his last meal in his mouth. It made him sick. But worse were his worries for Ciel. What was the boy doing now? Was he all right? Was he with Christine and Marius? Those two were his only hope to keep his companion sane and safe. ::How long have I been here?:: Alexis wondered again. He had begun to lose his sense of time, wasn’t even able to tell how long ago Jean-Paul had visited him.
The door suddenly creaked open, light streamed into the room. Alexis stood up and a sudden dizziness came over him.
“Seems like it’s starting to effect you,” Jean-Paul’s breathless voice came from the door. “I was surprised it took so long, you’re companion’s blood must be strong.”
“Urgh, if you mean the bad taste of the blood you’ve been giving me – that took effect at once.”
“I wonder, will our mouth keep on running even after you’re dead?”
“Probably,” Alexis admitted. And then he noticed the other figure, hiding behind Jean-Paul. “You brought a visitor?”
“Ah, yes.” Jean-Paul stepped aside, revealing a tall, lanky boy. “This is Baptiste,” Jean-Paul introduced him. The boy giggled crazily at the mention of his name, his eyes never staying still, darting from left to right, from ceiling to floor. They had a strange rusty colour.
::Yay, a nutcase! Hope he’s not my new cell mate.::
“We call him The Puppeteer,” Jean-Paul added with a cruel smile. A shiver ran over Alexis’s back. He had heard of The Puppeteer – a crazy, sadistic bastard with the gift to control the mind of his victims, turning them into his own little puppets.
“Is this your so-called re-education? To have him take over one’s mind?” Alexis spat disgustedly.
“You make it sound so bad. But in fact it’s only the last resolve so to say. You can still join us voluntarily.”
“What the hell are you planning, Jean-Paul?”
Jean-Paul smiled indulgently, leaning his back against the cold stone wall, and crossed his arms in front of his chest. The crazy one – Baptiste – stepped into the cell and began to circle Alexis, prodding him, pulling at his clothes, mumbling unintelligibly under his breath.
“For old time’s sake I will tell you and give you the chance to join us out of your own free will,” Jean-Paul began. “It’s simple, really. When the time comes we will come over those blasted mortals like a nightmare. We will teach them their place once and for all and the world will be ours!”
Alexis sighed. “And here I thought you would say something intelligent for once but it’s still the same old nonsense.”
“I knew you would say that,” Jean-Paul snorted. “You and those old fools of the Council. You never change. You’ve always loved those despicable mortals.”
“I got news for you: you’ve been one yourself, a few centuries ago.”
“Please, don’t remind me. And those filthy lowlifes of the Circle of Mysteries – to imagine they have the impertinence to demand we live in the shadows when it is us who should rule them! Still, I admit, it’s thanks to them I finally got the opportunity to right this wrong. Those fools, they really believe we’re on their side.” Jean-Paul laughed, a raspy, cruel laugh.
“So, why the whole re-education thing?”
“Because, unfortunately, most Vampires don’t share my vision.”
“Shut up. It was so easy. All I had to do was to pass some absolutely ridiculous laws. The whole lot of you is just too predictable. I admit, however, I would have thought to find you here much sooner. Must be the influence of you lovely companion – what was his name again? Ah, yes. Ciel.” Alexis glared at the man with murder in his eyes. He didn’t care much for the way that bastard spoke of Ciel. Baptiste cackled wildly, finally stopping his circling.
“So, what will it be, Alexis?” Jean-Paul cocked his head questioningly.
“I think you know the answer to that.”
“Yes, that’s what I thought. However, you should take your time and think about it well. Consider your pretty doll.”
“You bastard will keep your hands off him!” Alexis roared. It was enough. He could take whatever Jean-Paul threw at him but not when it came to Ciel.
Jean-Paul chuckled, pushing away from the wall.
“I give you twelve hours. Change your mind till then or Baptiste will change it for you.” With that, Jean-Paul and his lackey left. The door fell close, darkness returned. Alexis sank to his knees, his head in his hands. He couldn’t allow this crazy bastard to brainwash him, to lose himself – all thoughts, all feelings. But there was no way he could just go along with Jean-Paul’s plan. Even if he pretended, he knew he could never be convincing enough for Jean-Paul and he knew Jean-Paul would have his means to make him obey then.
“Damn it!” he cried, punching his fists against the hard stone floor. “Ciel, please, please be safe.”

They stood on top of a hill, overlooking the valley below. The fortress was a huge, menacing, stone monster in the moonlight.
“We will get him back, Ciel,” Christine said emphatically. Ciel smiled at her grimly.
“Yes, we will.” He had made up his mind, he would either leave that fortress with Alexis by his side or not at all.
“Okay, well… we… um, we should take that side entrance over there by that grove,” Marius stuttered nervously. The determination and the commanding air had vanished the moment they had left the barn they had been hiding in.
They carefully made their way down the hill, Marius in the lead. More than once, the small man slipped on the moist grass.
“Christine,” Ciel whispered. The woman threw a glance over her shoulder at him.
“Why the hell is he back in chicken mode?”
Christine chuckled softly and let herself fall back a pace to walk beside him.
“Don’t worry, love, it’s all part of his method.” ::Method?:: Ciel shrugged to himself. Whatever Marius’s method was, Ciel knew he could rely on both of them.
The rest of the way they were silent, moving as stealthily as possible. It took them a while to reach the grove but Marius had been right, it was the best choice. The trees gave them the possibility to hide, it was out of sight from the village and the rest of the fortress and the best of all – there were only two guards.
“Good. Now listen, Ciel,” Christine whispered. “Marius and I will take care of those two. When they are gone, you go straight in and head for the dungeon, all right?” Ciel nodded. “Okay. Be careful, little one, and don’t worry, we’re right behind you.” Ciel smiled. He hadn’t need the reassurance but it still felt good. Christine gave him a hug then nodded at Marius. The small man gave Ciel’s arm a quick squeeze and he and his companion stepped out from behind the trees.
“I’m quite sure there are all kinds of treasure inside there, my love,” Christine said joyously.
“But to break in here?” Marius countered, frightened.
“Oh, come now, I’m sure they can’t guard the whole…” Christine trailed off, freezing like a deer in sudden bright light.
Two burly guards regarded them with wide eyes. For a moment no one moved, no one spoke. Then, suddenly, Marius squealed and he and Christine stormed off – in opposite directions.
“Hey! Stop!” one of the guards yelled. He exchanged a glance with his colleague, then followed Christine. The other ran after Marius.
Ciel remained hidden behind a tree and watched them. Only when he was certain the guards were gone and there was no one else there, did he step out from behind it and headed for the entrance.
The heavy door opened with a creaking sound as if of its own volition. Ciel took a deep breath, listened for a heartbeat for any sound from within, and stepped inside.

Christine was leaning against a tree, the moonlight making her golden hair sparkle. The front of her leather suit was open almost to her navel, showing part of a deep red lacy bra and the soft, white curves of her bosom.
The guard skirted to a halt in front of her, his mouth hanging stupidly open.
“You… um… what were you doing there… at the fortress… at this… this entrance,” he stuttered.
“Oh, I’ve always wanted to take a little peek inside there,” Christine purred, slowly walking towards the man. Her hips swung gently with every graceful step. She stopped right in front of him, close enough he could already feel her body whispering against his. She ran her fingers over his chest, playing lazily with one of the shirt buttons, and coyly averted her eyes.
“Are all guards as handsome as you?” she breathed.
“Um…” The guard stared at her transfixed, already unable to utter a single, intelligible world. Christine smiled inwardly. She wasn’t called The Siren for nothing and once caught in her spell, any resistance was futile.
Slowly she lifted her head, parted her lips slightly. She felt a shiver of arousal go through the man as he stared at her with lusty, dark eyes, his breathing quickening. She could go on playing with him like this for hours but there was no time for that today. And so, Christine closed the distance between them, her sensuous lips pressed softly against his.
She felt him go rigid almost at once. The man’s eyes became empty.
Christine stepped away from him, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand. Only a second later the guard crumpled, hitting the ground like a wet sack.
“Almost too easy,” Christine sighed. She closed the front of her suit again and stepped past the unconscious Vampire. “Nice dreams,” she purred and sprinted back to the fortress.

Marius slowed down. He had believed a guard of the Council to be a better sprinter but obviously he had overestimated them. Wondering if he had lost the guard completely, Marius stopped and listened.
“There you are!” a voice suddenly roared, and a tall Vampire in a guard’s uniform broke through the brush. Marius cried, startled. He turned and tried to run away but his foot caught at a tree root and he fell, face forward, scraping is palms when he tried to stop his fall. He scrambled forward but the guard, huffing and puffing, was on him in only a matter of seconds. Broad, rough hands gripped him, turning him over on his back gruffly.
“No, please,” Marius squealed. “Please, I didn’t do anything.”
“Oh, but you were about to, were you not?”
“No, really. Please.” And all of a sudden, Marius hand shot forward, gripping the man’s throat like a vice and their eyes locked.
“I see, your fear,” Marius said quietly, all nervousness and fear gone from his voice. His brown eyes turned completely white, glowing like opals. “You fear to be buried deep inside the earth.”
The guard’s eyes glazed over, his face twisted into a silent, grotesque mask of fear.
Marius pushed the man away from him and stood up. Brushing the dirt from his trousers, he left the other Vampire imprisoned in his own, personal hell.

Ciel was well on his way to the dungeon without having encountered a single soul. He wasn’t sure if he was just lucky or if this was a really bad sign.
He rounded a corner and ran straight into something big and solid. It knocked him off his feet and he landed painfully on his back.
“Ow,” he exhaled, sitting up.
“What the hell?” The big something turned and Ciel gasped as he looked up into an unpleasantly familiar face. “Now if that isn’t the pretty, little doll.”
::Damn it::, Ciel thought, recognising the Vampire that had taken Alexis away. He hastily got to his feet, backing away slowly as the man came towards him.
“Oh, now don’t tell me you’ve come for him. What a loyal little thing you are. Come here, kitty, I’ll give you a nice little treat.” He reached a hand out for Ciel. Feeling a tingling sensation that let the hair on the back of his neck rise, Ciel jumped out of reach. ::I can’t let him get a hand on me::
“Huh? You’re a clever kitty, aren’t you? But you won’t get out of here. I’m sure Jean-Paul will have a lot of fun with you.”
Seeing there was no way to get around a direct confrontation with that bloke, Ciel decided to charge. He planted his feet thoroughly on the floor and faced his opponent.
“Oh? What’s that, kitty?” the guard laughed and took another step forward.
“Just something to make you shut up,” Ciel spat. He saw the man open his mouth, an ugly grin on his face and released the energy within him. His eyes flashed a brilliant green and the man’s retort was drowned out by a tremendous roar as the wall to his right transformed into a gigantic fist, knocking the other Vampire not only through one but three walls. A huge hole gaped in the wall beside Ciel. He peered through it. The guard lay motionless under a heap of stones and dust.
In the corridor next to the one Ciel was standing in, only a few paces from the hole in the wall, Ciel saw a flight of stairs leading down.
::The way to the dungeon::, Ciel smiled to himself, climbing over the rubble.

The door to his cell opened again. Alexis sighed and stood up, expecting Jean-Paul to be back to taunt him some more. But instead, a young woman stood inside the door, a haughty expression on her long, plain face.
“And you are?” Alexis asked in a bored tone.
“Melinda. I am Baptiste’s companion,” she replied arrogantly.
“Ew, that nutcase has a companion?”
“Tsk. You will soon learn to show him respect. Now, what is your answer?”
“Do you really have to ask?” Alexis knew Jean-Paul had never believed he would join him. To give him time to reconsider was only to toy with him.
“No, I don’t,” Melinda snorted. “Well, come then, it is time for your re-education.” She took a step to the side, expecting him to come. How naïve.
“Ah, you know, I don’t really feel like it today,” Alexis sighed. “Another time perhaps, all right?” And with that, he lay down and turned his back on her.
“What… you… how dare you… that,” Melinda sputtered, taken aback. “You will come immediately!”
“No, I’d rather not,” Alexis replied nonchalantly.
“Argh! You!” Melinda dashed towards him, grabbed him and with incredible strength, heaved him to his feet. Alexis blinked at her like an owl.
“Wow, you’re really strong. Do you do any special training?”
“You will come now,” Melinda shrieked again. There were hectic red spots on her cheeks and neck as she took a good hold of Alexis’s arm and dragged him bodily from the cell.
“Oh well, if it means so much to you,” Alexis sighed and was given the satisfaction of seeing Melinda flush angrily. He had no intention whatsoever to make this easy.
The corridor was lit with torches. Two bulky guards flanked the door. ::What is that? Are those bulks especially bred or what?::
A tremendous roar suddenly shook the whole foundation.
“What the hell was that?” Melinda cried, glaring at one of the guards as if it was his fault.
“I don’t know, ma’am,” he defended himself.
“Tsk. Whatever, let’s go, we don’t have all night.” She pulled Alexis down the corridor, both guards behind them, prodding Alexis forward as he let himself be pulled along, barely moving his feet. “Stop that, damn it!” Melinda shrieked, whirling around. “Walk!” But before their little procession could take another step, there was another roar and with a blast, the door to the dungeon burst into a thousand pieces, splinters ad wood flying in all directions. Melinda screamed, throwing an arm over her head, and duck as a long piece of former door came flying at her. Alexis merely stepped out of its way and it hit one of the guards square in the face, knocking him flat on his back and into dreamland.
“What is that?” Melinda cried. The other guard took a look at his unconscious mate and decided that was something personal. With a battle cry he charged forward – only to come flying back, past Melinda and Alexis and to the far end of the corridor. They could hear a low thump when he hit the wall.
“Argh! I don’t believe this! Show yourself!" Melinda screeched furiously. The dust settled slowly and a small, slim figure came towards them. The figure stepped into the light of the torches and Alexis's breath caught.
“Ciel,” he gasped.
“What? Who? What the hell is this boy doing here? What is going on?” Melinda sounded like a grumpy child.
“Give him back and I won’t hurt you,” Ciel ordered. Melinda’s eyes went wide.
“Huh? How dare you? The only one who will get hurt is you.” She released her grip on Alexis’s arm and the air around her became heavy.
“Ciel, watch ou-“ Alexis screamed, but before Melinda could do whatever she had intended to do, a fist of stone came surging out of the wall beside them, knocking Melinda through the opposite one with tremendous force.
Alexis blinked stupidly at the empty spot where Melinda had been standing.
“Alexis!” Out of the cloud of dust, Ciel came running towards him, hurtling straight into Alexis’s arms. Unable to think or speak, Alexis held the boy as tightly as he could.
“You’re not some vision of my delusional mind, are you?” he asked at last. Ciel chuckled, freeing himself at last.
“Not unless even visions of me ruin the entire interior.” Alexis’s face lit with a broad smile.
“But then… What the hell are you doing here? Are you alone? Where are Christine and Marius? What are they thinking, letting you come here?” Alexis demanded, suddenly realising what as glad as he was to see Ciel, the boy being here was not what he considered him being safe.
“What do you think I’m doing here? And Christine and Marius are right behind.”
“Excuse me?” Startled, they turned towards the hole in the wall where two dirty, pale faces peered out at them fearfully.
“Oh,” Ciel exclaimed. “It’s time for you to get out of here. And take the others with you.”
“The others?” Alexis and the two prisoners asked in unison.
“The others, “ Ciel repeated. His eyes flashed green and with a click the doors to the cells along the corridor swung open. White, frightened faces appeared from behind the doors. Seeing their chance to escape the first ones didn’t hesitate long. The others followed soon after.
“We should go before any of them regains their consciousness,” Ciel said after the last of the prisoners had left, hurrying past them with a quick ‘thank you’.
“Ciel,” Alexis breathed, unable to believe his companion was really here. Ciel looked up at him, a small smile on his lips and his emerald eyes full of affection. Alexis stepped closer to the boy.
“There’s something we should do first, though,” Ciel smiled. Alexis smiled back, anticipating what he had missed for so long already. He was a bit surprised that Ciel brought it up in this kind of situation but they might not have seen each other ever again after all. Alexis’s lips tingled, he reached out to caress Ciel’s cheek, leaning down-
“Here you go,” Ciel announced, holding his wrist into Alexis’s face, the sleeve of his shirt rolled up.
“Huh?” Alexis was taken aback.
“Drink, we don’t have time,” Ciel hurried him impatiently. Sighing – and pouting – Alexis took Ciel’s thin arm and sank his teeth gently into the fair skin.
Blood, full of life and energy, washed over his tongue. Ciel’s blood, tasting of flowers, of moonlight, of love. He felt a surge of strength rushing through his body.

Christine hurried along the sparsely lit corridor. Ciel had already wrecked quite the havoc here, stones and dust were scattered everywhere, a huge hole in the wall – impressive for someone Ciel’s size.
She could already feel Ciel and Alexis close by when something stopped her. She closed her eyes and listened. There it was: muffled voices. But it was the feeling they carried with them that had stopped her. Fear, unbearable fear.
Christine hesitated a moment. Ciel and Alexis were just around the corner but she couldn’t ignore this. Turning around, she headed into the opposite direction, following the voices.
After what felt like an eternity Christine finally reached a big, iron strengthened door. Calming her racing heart, she carefully pushed the door and found it unlocked. ::How strange:: The door swung slowly inwards and revealed a picture that made her blood freeze in her veins.
Behind the door lay an enormous hall, brightly lit with torches. The hall was divided by and iron fence and behind that fence, pent-up like cattle – humans – mortals. Women, elderly men and, worst of all, children, cowering together in fear.
Christine rushed forward. She grabbed the handle of the fence’s door and –
It was locked.
“What the hell is this?” she cried. Several pale, haggard faces turned to her, eyes big and afraid. “Why are you in here? What is this?” Christine demanded. A tall, plump woman stepped forward. Although her eyes showed as much fear as all the others’, her jaw was set determinedly and her head held high.
“You’re one of them, are you not? Then you should know best,” she snapped. Taken aback, Christine stared at her. With a tiny movement of her head the woman motioned her to take a look around. Christine did as she was bid and the fury inside her nearly exploded.
There were chairs with shackles attached to them, tubes, needles, knives and a huge amount of Moon’s Shade. ::They are ‘harvesting’ their blood:: Christine felt bile rising in her throat.
“Step back from the fence as far as you can,” she ordered.
“What? W-why?”
“Because I will let you free.” The plump woman regarded her suspiciously. The others, however, pressed together, whining with fear. ::They don’t believe me and why should they?:: “You should do as I say or I don’t want to hear any complaints afterwards,” Christine said. There was no time to try and gain anyone’s trust here. She began concentrating on the fence, the air around her crackling.
“I wouldn’t do that,” a bored voice said suddenly behind her. Christine whirled around. The newcomer was big, almost as tall as wide with arms like hams, and wore a bloodstained apron.
“What are you?” Christine asked, disgusted.
“I’m the cook,” the other Vampire chuckled. “I do know who you are. You’re the one they call the Siren. Too bad but your tricks won’t work on me.”
“Why, because you’re too damn ugly?”
“Because I’m a woman,” the Vampire yelled offended.
“Urgh, really?” Christine didn’t even mean to mock her, it was just that she really couldn’t tell. The cook snarled at her, pulling a huge butcher’s knife from a wooden block beside one of those creepy chairs.
“When I’m done with you, even your companion won’t be able to bear looking at you,” she growled and ran towards Christine.
And Christine released what she had been holding back ever since she had been interrupted. Her eyes glowed a brilliant blue, a bolt of lightening shot through the air straight for the other woman’s heart. It felled her like a tree. Some of the mortals screamed, shocked, a child started to cry.
“Who said I didn’t have any other tricks up my sleeves, eh?” she snapped, slowly walking to the dead Vampire. She was still twitching. “Urgh, disgusting.” With obvious aversion, Christine pried the butcher’s knife from the woman’s fingers. Then she went back to the fence and swung it at the door, bringing it down on the lock with incredibly strength. It shattered and the door sprang open.
“All right, follow me. I’ll show you a way out.” Christine threw the hatchet away and turned to leave.
“Why should we trust you?” the plump woman asked.
“You can do whatever you want, but don’t blame me if you end up getting yourself killed,” Christine replied, not looking back and left.
A smile tugged at the corner of her lips, knowing they were following her.

“There you are,” Marius exclaimed, making his way through all the rubble. “We should leave.” Ciel nodded his accord, but before he had taken more than one step, Alexis’s hand on his arm stopped him.
“I can’t just leave like this,” Alexis said quietly.
“What? What do you mean?”
“This. Jean-Paul won’t stop at nothing to get us if we just leave now and besides, it’s not only about us. He plans to take over the world.”
“Ah jeez, one of those?” Marius raised an eyebrow at him.
“Yeah, one of those, with the slight difference that it seems he actually had the right plan. This re-education nonsense? He’s brainwashing people, turning them into his puppets.”
“Baptiste,” Marius spat.
“I don’t know what’s going on, but from what I’ve just seen, I’m in the mood to tear this whole fortress down.” Christine stomped elegantly over one of the unconscious guards on the floor and came to stand beside her companion. Marius took her hand in his.
They listened all with dark miens while Alexis told them in detail what he had learned from Jean-Paul himself and to run and safe only their own hides was clearly out of question in the end.
“All right, so in short: there are two blokes that need to be eliminated, Jean-Paul and Baptiste,” Marius recounted, his tone once again that of a man in command. “We should be able to do that. Most of the others seem to be under the Puppeteer’s command, without him, they will revert back to their old selves, the only problem is, we have no idea how many real allies they have.”
“Yeah, well, let’s hold on to the believe that there are not that many and that they will flee the moment they realise they are suddenly very alone. I will take care of Jean-Paul,” Alexis declared.
Thus, they agreed to split up. Christine and Marius would take Baptiste on, Alexis and Ciel would go looking for Jean-Paul. Wishing each other good luck and promising to see each other again in one piece, they set out.
While they went quietly in the direction of where they presumed the Council Hall to be, Alexis stole hidden glances at Ciel. His companion seemed to have matured more in the last couple of days than in the last three hundred years. He still looked like a seventeen-year-old boy; with his porcelain doll’s face and his slight built, he seemed so fragile. But witnessing what he was capable of, Alexis knew his friend was more than able to look out for himself and yet, he couldn’t help but worry. He hated to put the boy in any kind of danger and Jean-Paul was the kind of danger he certainly wanted far, far, far away from Ciel.
“You know,” he said eventually. “I really whished you and Christine would have left. I don’t want you to-“
“Shut up!” Ciel snapped, glowering at him. “Stop treating me like a child, damn it!”
“No! Stop it or I swear you’ll regret it.”
Alexis bit his tongue. He knew better than to argue when Ciel was in such mood. For a long, unpleasant moment Ciel’s eyes bored into him, scrutinising, daring him to talk back. Then he snorted and went on. Exhaling, Alexis hurried to catch up.
They wandered through the fortress for nearly three hours but it seemed deserted. As much as it seemed to be to their advantage, as nerve wrecking it was. Behind every corner a trap might await them. At last, they reached what seemed to be the entrance hall.
“All right, I guess the Council Hall must be that one then.” Alexis pointed at a huge double door to their right. He had barely finished speaking when the doors on all sides flew open and a horde of guards streamed out into the entrance hall, surrounding them.
“Oh, damn,” Ciel whispered. “So, what do we do now?”

“Can you see anything?” Marius asked quietly. Christine, who was peering through a crack in the door into the hall behind, turned around slowly.
“There is a whole bunch of Council members in there, all of them in shackles and guarded. Seems like Baptiste has difficulties getting them under his control.”
“How many guards?”
“Two as far as I can see.” That meant it was possible there were more guards in there. However, they had no other choice than to go for it, there would be no re-enforcements unless they disposed of Baptiste. And the crazy bastard wasn’t the type you could lure away into some kind of trap.
“Fine then, there’s no choice,” Marius sighed. “You take the guards, free the Council members. I will play with the loony one.” Christine nodded. She suddenly took his face between her hands and pressed a kiss to his lips.
“Be careful, my love,” she breathed. Marius’s lips twisted into a wicked smile. He stepped past her and pushed the two-winged door open with enough force to knock two more guards, standing behind the door, out.
“Oops,” he grinned. ::And two down.::
At the far end of the hall, Baptiste whirled around. His crazy eyes darted around until they found Marius. An ear-splitting screech escaped Baptiste. Sighing exasperated, Marius went slowly towards him. The noise in his back told him Christine had eliminated the other guards and was busy freeing the Council members. ::My love is just the best::, he thought proudly.
Baptiste stared at him, slightly crouched liked a wild animal, ready to attack.
Master of Fear,” Baptiste rasped in a scratchy voice that made the hair on the back of Marius’s neck.
Puppeteer,” Marius acknowledged the mad Vampire. Baptiste cackled wildly and before Marius knew what was happening, he was lying flat on his back, Baptiste on top of him. He heard Christine scream his name.
Baptiste clawed at him, ripping his shirt, leaving deep scratches on his face and neck. And then their eyes met. ::Oh, damn!:: Baptiste’s eyes glowed suddenly red.
His vision went dark, his hearing dull. He felt an alien force battering at his mental barricades, tearing them down, one by one. This was not how it was supposed to be. He tried to raise new defences, to keep Baptiste out of his mind, push him back. But the other Vampire plunged through each and every new defence with uncommon ferocity – a wild beast destroying whatever lay in its way. He was not strong enough to hold him back, there was nothing else he could do, and so – Marius gave in.
A blood-curdling scream filled the air. Baptiste jerked away from Marius, his hands tearing at his long, filthy hair, screaming and screaming, eyes wide and filled with terror. Marius pushed himself to his feet, the scratches on his skin stung and his back hurt where he had his the floor. He opened his eyes – two glowing, brilliant white opals.
“You didn’t really think you could just walk into my mind and not pay a prize for it, did you?” Marius sneered. “After all I am The Master of Fear.”
He sprang forward, grabbed Baptiste by the throat and threw him against the wall. The mad man, still screaming and sobbing, tried uselessly to scramble away. Marius grabbed the boy’s chin and tilted his head back. His eyes darted crazily from ceiling to one side, to the other – and met Marius’s.
Baptiste went still, his screams ebbing away, his eyes glazed over and his face froze in a bizarre mask of fear. He was lost.
Relieved, Marius turned away from the broken Puppet Master and found his face pressed against the soft curves of a very familiar, ample bosom.
“Christine,” he chuckled.
“By the heavens, I really thought he had you there,” she sobbed, tightening her hold on her companion.
“Nah, that boy’s a few hundred years too early for that.”
Around them, several Vampires stopped whatever they had been doing, blinking confused and looking about them, trying to get their bearings.
“So, what was Baptiste’s great fear?” Christine asked, letting go of her lover.
“Oh, my love,” Marius said with a frown. “You really don’t want to know.”

“So, what do we do now?” Ciel asked, nervously looking at all those bulky guards surrounding them, hoping to find an opening somewhere.
“We… um… we could…” Alexis trailed off.
All of a sudden, the tension seemed to leave the guards, they seemed confused and disoriented as if waking from a dream. Only here and there were a few which obviously hadn’t been compelled. They yelled at their no-longer-comrades to attack the intruders. But soon it dawned on them what was happening and their eyes filled with uncertainty. One by one they backed away slowly and ran.
“Seems like Marius was successful,” Alexis exclaimed.
“You don’t have to sound so surprised. Come on.” Ciel grabbed his friend’s arm, pulling him along and pushed his way through the throng of confused Vampires to the Council Hall.
The hall was brightly lit. On the far end, raised slightly, were the seats of the Council forming a half circle around a big pond with a fountain. The seats were empty. Moonlight shone through the glass dome above them.
They moved carefully to the midst of the hall, the heavy double door closing behind them.
Suddenly, Ciel noticed some movement out of the corner of his eye. He was just in time to push Alexis out of the way, flinging himself in the other direction, when a ball of fire came hurtling past them and crashed into the far wall, scorching the stone.
A man in a long red cloak stepped out of a dark corner. He had fox red hair and a goatee, yellow eyes like an owl.
“Aw, you weren’t supposed to move,” he pouted. His eyes glowed and on both his held out palms new balls of fire flared up. “So, who wants to go first? And don’t forget, don’t move.”
“You wish,” Ciel and Alexis snapped as one. The man looked taken aback by that kind of reaction, his fireballs vanished with a puff of smoke. Alexis took the chance and rushed at him. But before he got very close, the other man had recovered, his eyes flared and a ball of fire popped into life between his outstretched hands.
The moment he hurled it at Alexis, Ciel saw his friend wouldn’t be able to dodge it. In the blink of an eye, Ciel fell to his knees, his palms flat on the marble floor, and released his power with all the strength he had. The floor moved like a giant snake, rearing with a roar up into the air right in front of Alexis. He couldn’t stop, hit the wall head on and bounced back, tumbling over. His ears rang and his head was spinning. The fireball hit the other side of the wall, causing no more but a big black dot on the polished surface.
“What the…?” the red-haired Vampire shrieked, turning furiously on Ciel, glowering. “How… that… argh!” With his red hair and the goatee, stomping the floor lividly, he resembled an overgrown leprechaun. Ciel suppressed a giggle and moved carefully between the outraged Vampire and Alexis, who sat on the floor holding his head. ::Sorry:: Ciel thought remorsefully.
“I will torch you,“ the too-big-leprechaun screeched. “I will burn you till there is nothing left but ashes!”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” Ciel mumbled, throwing a quick glance at the pond only a few steps left of his opponent. The Vampire’s yellow eyes glowed again and his entire arms were suddenly engulfed by a raging fire.
“You’re so dead,” he roared.
“You know, I think you could really do with a little refreshment.” Ciel’s eyes flashed green and with a growl, the pond exploded and the water doused half the hall. Drenched, his fire gone out, the other Vampire goggled stupidly at him. Ciel had to suppress another laugh. He flicked his hand and the man was swept off his feet and against the wall where he crumbled and lay motionless.
Ciel turned around and smiled. Alexis was leaning against the makeshift wall, still pressing a hand to his head but smiling gently at him.
Suddenly, Alexis's mien darkened. “Ciel, watch out!” he screamed, taking a stumbling step forward, his hand reaching for Ciel.
Something gripped Ciel’s arm like a vice, twisting it up and around. It made a sickly, crunching noise and Ciel felt his arm break in several places. A cry of pain escaped his throat.
His arm was released, falling to his side where it hung uselessly. The big rough hand reached for his throat now, an arm coming around his chest, holding him tight.
“Don’t move or I swear I’ll break his neck,” a strangely breathless voice hissed. Ciel could feel the man’s breath hot against his cheek.
“Jean-Paul,” Alexis snarled, stopping dead. “Let him go!”
“I surely won’t. You’re a real pain in the arse, Alexis. I should have killed you straight away.”
“Let him go, he has nothing to do with this,” Alexis pleaded. Jean-Paul laughed cruelly, his hand tightening around Ciel’s throat. It became very hard to breath.
::Damn it! I can’t move:: Ciel thought desperately.
“Oh, but he does. You know, actually, I was planning to savour breaking your sweet doll, but I’ve changed my mind.” He put a hand over Ciel’s heart, his fingers digging into his shirt and skin like claws.
“No! Jean-Paul, please!” It was the last thing Ciel heard, Alexis stumbling forward, falling to his knees, his face desperate, was the last he saw before his vision went white and his hearing silent.
Pain, unlike anything he had ever felt, surged through his body. Every fibre of his body was on fire. Nothing – nothing but pain.
Pain. Pain. Pain. – Agony.

“No, please!” Alexis stumbled forward. He tripped and fell heavily to his knees. And then Ciel began to scream. A scream so filled with agony, with scorching pain, it barely resembled a human scream.
“Please!” Alexis begged, his eyes filling with tears, his heart constricting painfully with every scream. And Ciel screamed and screamed.
“Please! Whatever you want! Just, please!”
Ciel’s screams stopped suddenly. Alexis lifted his head but what he saw ripped his heart apart. Ciel hang lifelessly in Jean-Paul’s arms, his eyes staring emptily into the distance, like the glass eyes of a doll. A single teardrop rolled over his cheek.
“NO! NO!” Alexis cried, sobbing, curling in on himself. “No!”
“You poor thing,” Jean-Paul laughed. He let go of the boy and he fell to the floor like a rag doll.
Jean-Paul went to Alexis. Oh how he enjoyed seeing the man like this – sobbing, crying, broken.
To be honest, it was a shame he had to destroy the boy, he would have preferred keeping him, he would have made a wonderful toy, but alas… Well, one couldn’t have everything.
“Tell me, Alexis, how does it feel to lose everything?” he asked gently, crouching down beside the crying man. Alexis only shook his head, not even looking up.
Jean-Paul revelled in this moment though the best had yet to come. “I can release you from this pain,” he purred. Alexis finally lifted his head, his face wet with tears. “Would you like that?” A huge sob rocked Alexis’s body, he slowly nodded his head. “Good, then stand up,” Jean-Paul said, barely able to contain his excitement. He helped Alexis to his feet and made sure he was standing firmly before he looked him in the eyes. “Goodbye Alexis.”
With impossible force Jean-Paul drove his hand into Alexis’s chest, ripping skin and tissue, breaking bone, destroying muscle. Alexis’s eyes widened, he gasped and then went still.
With a jolt Jean-Paul pulled his hand free, blood dropping from his fingers. For the length of a heartbeat Alexis stood, an empty expression on his handsome face, then he fell, crumbling like a ruin.
Jean-Paul regarded the lifeless form of the man he had hated for centuries. And then he began to laugh.

The huge double door banged open ad Marius and Christine dashed into the hall followed by a horde of Council members and other freed Vampires.
They skirted to a halt when they saw Jean-Paul in the middle of the hall, laughing like a mad man.
“What the hell?” Marius exclaimed.
“I guess he’s found his happy place.” Marius looked around. Ciel and Alexis stood leaning against what looked to be part of the floor, holding each other upright. Ciel’s right arm hung uselessly by his side.
“Happy place?” Marius asked bewildered but then he noticed Alexis’s eyes. They were deep black, reflecting and glistening like black diamonds.
“By the heavens.” Christine clapped her hands delightedly. “What is he doing?”
“He has Jean-Paul trapped in a vision,” Ciel explained. “It’s quite similar to what you do, Marius.” Marius seemed genuinely impressed. He looked from Alexis to Jean-Paul and nodded. Christine just beamed and kissed Ciel on the cheek.
A tall, elderly man stepped forward out of the group of onlookers. He came to them, putting a hand gently on Ciel’s shoulder.
“You can tell him to stop now,” he said, smiling at him. “We’ll take care of the rest.”
“Master,” Christine replied.
“You did well my children, all of you,” he continued. “I speak for all of us when I say we will always be grateful for what you did. We will take over now, you should go and rest.” Christine beamed at him, then nodded at Ciel indicating him to do as he was told.
“Alexis,” Ciel whispered. “Alexis, it’s enough now.”
Alexis’s eyes lost their unnatural glamour and with it, Jean-Paul stopped laughing. At once, two burly Vampires – presumably former guards – rushed forward and took him into custody. Jean-Paul blinked confused. His eyes found Ciel and Alexis and his face fell.
“No! You… you’re dead! I killed you!!” he roared. His guards didn’t wait for him to really start raging and let him away.
Alexis’s legs gave in. Christine quickly got an arm under his and relieved Ciel from his burden before they both collapsed to the floor.
“Looks like someone really should better get some rest,” she said. They took their leave of the Council Master and left, Christine dragging Alexis with her and Marius an arm around Ciel’s shoulders.
It was already twilight outside, the moon still bright in the sky but on the eastern horizon, the first red of dawn announced a new day. Early birds sang in the trees and dew sparkled on the grass.
Alexis moaned, slowly opening his eyes. He looked about himself as if woken from a deep slumber.
“Oh, you’re back?” Christine smiled. “Good, then get your feet to start walking, you’re heavy.” Alexis regarded her as if she was the most fascinating thing he had ever seen, a stupid smile on his face.
“Moon Goddess!” he slurred.
“You’re so pretty, Moon Goddess. Is this your garden? Can I kiss you?”
Ciel and Marius stopped, turning around. “What the hell is wrong with him?” Marius demanded. Alexis’s eyes lit on the small man and he beamed like a little child.
“A goblin!” Alexis exclaimed. “So cute. I want to hold it! Come here, little goblin.” He held his hand out to Marius like to a little dog.
“What the… Goblin?”
“Sorry,” Ciel interjected, stifling a laugh. “Side effects”
“Side effects?”
“That’s what happens when he uses his gift.”
Christine burst out laughing. It didn’t take long and Ciel and Marius joined in.
Gasping for breath, Marius shook his head and looked at Alexis who was still beaming at him. “Jeez, he really is a useless guy,” he said affectionately.

A week had past. Ciel’s arm was mended but Alexis still insisted to do everything for him – he was really getting spoilt these days.
The old Council had been restored and they had broken ties with the Circle. Everything was back to normal, once again Vampire-kind and mortals lived harmoniously side by side.
Jean-Paul and his lackeys were locked away, but it was still difficult to round all his followers up, as they had no way of telling who was compelled and who not.
“Say,” Ciel said, lying in Alexis’s arms on a blanket in the garden. “Why does Jean-Paul hate you so?”
“Jean-Paul and I… we are brothers.”
“No, not like that. We were both Changed by the same Vampire and for over a century we have stuck together. But ever since Jean-Paul became a Vampire he was obsessed with the idea that we had to rule over the mortals, that they were worthless, filthy creatures existing only to serve and feed us. His fanatics even cost him the woman he loved. She chose someone else, but of course, I was blamed for it. That’s basically all. Why he hates me so much, I can’t say, except that Jean-Paul had always been a man who did everything in the extreme.”
“Huh?” Ciel sat up and turned to his companion. “I’m just glad you’re all right.”
“I’m glad you came for me,” Alexis replied, regarding the boy lovingly.
Ciel reached into his pocket, then held his hand out to Alexis, a silver ring with a tiny emerald sat on his palm.
“I had no time to give you this before, so…”
“Ciel, that-“
“No, I want it. I’m yours as much as you’re mine.” He took his friend’s hand and put the ring on his ring finger. The emerald glinted in the sunlight. “Nothing will ever separate us again.”
“Nothing,” Alexis agreed. He took Ciel’s face between his hands, leaned forward and kissed him gently.
They belonged each other with all they had – heart and soul.



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