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September 2014

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A small read ^^

And, did you all get nice presents? I actually have one more for you, if you should be so inclined (though I could make a bet as to who is). ;D

Well, then, here's the first part of a new short story - the second part will follow, hmm... let's say on New Year's Day. Until then, please do enjoy ^^

Title: Bad Moon Rising / Singing Moon (sequel to Harvest Moon and Hunter's Moon)
Rating: ~16
Warning: Still the same as with every other part of it, so just check them there.

~Bad Moon Rising / Singing Moon~

~Part I~

His long, silken hair, blacker then a moonless night, swayed gently in the breeze. He stood on top of grassy hill overlooking the fortress like building in the valley below. His emerald eyes glittered, a serious expression on his doll’s face. With his slight built and the girlish features he still looked like a boy, but it had been a long time ago that he had been a lonely seventeen year old.
A cloud shifted in the sky and the sudden moonlight reflected on a small object in his hand. A bright, polished silver ring, engraved with an intricate pattern and a single, tiny emerald lay on his white palm. He stroked a finger softly over the band before he closed his hand again, holding it tightly in his fist. A ring glinted on his hand, almost identical to the one he held but smaller, darker and with a tiny black diamond instead of emerald.
“Are you ready?” a female voice spoke softly from behind him. He cast a look over his shoulder. Christine looked back at him, eyes full of sadness and love. She had shed her usual flowing, red dress for a tight-fitting black leather suit accentuating the soft curves of her body. Her glittering, golden hair was braided down to her hips. She looked proud – and determined. So different than her companion. The small man stood beside her, looking positively sick and uncomfortable in his own dark clothes.
“I am,” Ciel said quietly and turned back towards the fortress. It loomed menacingly over the small houses that surrounded it. Christine and Marius stepped to either side of him, Christine’s arm brushing his.
“We will get him back, Ciel,” she said emphatically. Ciel took a deep breath. He looked at her and smiled grimly.
“Yes. We will!”

“I’m so sick of spending the days inside this house!”
Ciel sighed and put the book he was reading down on the table. Alexis had been whining and grumbling for weeks now.
“There’s nothing we can do about it,” Ciel mumbled monotonously. He had been repeating this sentence over and over again. With another sigh he stood up and went to the man standing by the window looking wistfully out into the sunlit garden.
“We’re not even allowed to go out into our own garden,” Alexis growled. “It’s our bloody garden, for heaven’s sakes.”
“I know, I know,” Ciel sighed and put his arms around Alexis’s slim middle, leaning his forehead against his companion’s back.
“It’s not right, you know,” Alexis continued. “It’s just not right. We didn’t do anything, we’re all abiding by our stupid laws. We haven’t been drinking from mortals for centuries now, haven’t killed or tortured anyone just for the fun of it and we haven’t even Changed anyone in nearly a hundred years. So why is it that only we have to suffer now? Banned from daylight? What is this nonsense? That’s… that’s just… argh!”
Ciel tightened his arms around Alexis. He could understand his friend’s frustration, they all could, they all felt the same way, but it didn’t change a thing.
It had been only a few weeks now but Ciel had already forgotten the feeling of warm sunlight on his skin. He missed strolling through town in the middle of the day, the bustling market, the playing children – he missed it all dearly but there was nothing to be done about it, a law was a law and they were bound to it.
Nearly half a century ago the Council had made an alliance with the newly founded Circle of Mysteries, some secret society dealing with what the mortals called ‘supernatural’. The Circle had one goal: Vampires were to be forgotten in the world of the living, their existence reduced to one of myths and legends. And step by step they had become a myth, walking unknown, unrecognised amongst the living.
In the beginning this hadn’t been difficult. All it had included had been not to drink from mortals – a law which was already centuries old – and not to – as some idiots seemed so keen on doing – scream it out into the world that you were a Vampire. It hadn’t changed anything in their daily lives.
However, the last one and a half year had become increasingly difficult for all of them. Both the Council and the Circle were in new hands and the change of power had brought other drastic changes with it. The fact to have new Council members alone was shocking enough, but the old Council members had gone missing one after the other until those new, radical ones had taken over. No one was sure about what their agenda really was but they seemed far too close and friendly with the Circle. One by one they had introduced new laws to Vampire kind, one by one those laws had restricted them more and more. First any interaction with mortals was prohibited, then they weren’t even allowed to be in the same places as mortals. No more parties, no more meetings, nothing, only isolation. And a few weeks ago then it was announced that they were not allowed outside their homes until after sunset. Any offence against those laws were punished severely.
“You know, it doesn’t help anyone if you just keep moping around,” Ciel said angrily.
“I know, it’s just…” Alexis didn’t need to finish his sentence, they had been over this a thousand times.
“How about we do something to take your mind off things for a while?” Ciel took his friend’s hand and dragged him towards the huge four-poster bed. Even with the prospect Ciel was offering him, Alexis only came reluctantly.
He let Ciel push him onto the soft mattress, lying there inanimately, staring at the ceiling even when Ciel straddled him and slowly opened the buttons on Alexis’s shirt. To Ciel’s increasing annoyance he neither responded to the kisses Ciel planted on his naked chest nor did he spare him a single glance when Ciel pulled his own shirt off, stretching his perfect body seductively.
With an exasperated sigh Ciel slapped his hand flat on the other’s chest.
“Ow! What was that for?” Alexis snarled, finally directing his attention towards Ciel.
“Make an educated guess! Gosh, I’m seriously fed up with your pouting. You’re not the only one who has to smart under those blasted laws!” Furious, Ciel got off Alexis. Sitting at the end of the bed, he fished for his discarded shirt. He had enough of this. Alexis’s behaviour, being locked in their own house like prisoners – he had enough of it.
Just when he was about to put his shirt back on, Alexis’s arms came around him, holding him pressed tightly against the man’s chest.
“I’m sorry,” Alexis whispered into his ear. “I know I’m being intolerable lately. I’m sorry. Forgive me?”
“Do you promise to better yourself?”
“I do, so…” Alexis drew him back to the middle of the broad bed, still holding him in his arms as he pushed him flat on his back. “Let’s continue this, shall we?” His companion’s lips found his, warm and hungry, so different than a few moments ago. Ciel sighed and gave in to the kiss. He parted his lips slightly allowing Alexis to deepen it.
“Oh gods, how I’ve missed this,” Alexis breathed against Ciel’s lips. “Just why haven’t we done this for so long?”
“Because you were busy being a drama queen.”
“Right, sorry.” Alexis looked abashed though only for a moment before a wicked grin that Ciel knew only too well spread across his face. “Let me make up for it.” Ciel smiled, relaxing, and gave himself over to his friend’s touch.
Their lovemaking was full of passion, lasting till deep into the night until they were both too exhausted to stay awake any longer. Happily spent and sated they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When Ciel woke up, the sun was shining brightly through the windows. He turned around, reaching for his companion – but Alexis wasn’t there. Bewildered Ciel sat up and took a look around the room. Alexis was gone.
::Maybe he’s taking a bath::, Ciel thought. He climbed out of bed, grabbed his robe from where it hung on the bedpost and put it on. Still a bit sleep drunken he staggered towards the window and cast a look outside. It was a beautiful spring day, the sun was shining, the flowers blooming, the birds singing. It was one of those days he and Alexis spent so often having a picnic with Christine and her companion, Marius, but those times were gone. No longer were they allowed to enjoy the spring sun. Ciel let his gaze stray into the garden – and froze.
There, in bright daylight, wandering amongst all those blooming flowers, was Alexis. Ciel’s heart jolted unpleasantly. He whirled around and dashed from the room, down the flight of stairs and straight for the door to the garden. Inside the open door, however, he came to an abrupt halt as if stopped by some invisible force.
“What the hell are doing?” he snarled, slightly out of breath. Alexis turned to him and smiled, a bright, dazzling smile.
“It’s such a fine day, just look how beautifully the tulips bloom and this fresh air, scented with –“
“Have you lost your mind?” Ciel cut him off. “Come back inside at once.”
“Ciel, love, this is our goddamn garden. I will be allowed at least to enjoy my own garden.”
“You know what happens when we leave the house before nightfall. Now come back.”
“And who’s to see me here? Have you never noticed how enclosed our garden is? It’s practically inside the house.”
There was a cold lump in Ciel’s stomach. Something told him things were not as simple as Alexis wanted him to believe. A mixture of fear and anger welled up inside him.
“Alexis, come back inside,” he said tightly. Alexis frowned at him. At last he must have noticed Ciel’s distress for he reluctantly came back.
“What’s wrong, love?” he asked, still standing on the threshold.
“Please just… could you just come inside, please?”
“I’m telling you, it’s fine.”
“Please.” The tone of urgency in Ciel’s voice finally made Alexis comply.
Ciel stood, shaking with anger, in the middle of the dark living room, his hands fisted into the fabric of his robe. What the hell was wrong with that man? Why did he always have to do exactly what he shouldn’t do?
He felt Alexis move closer to him, heard the soft click of the glass door closing.
“Hey, Ciel, w-“ Before Ciel knew what he was doing, he had whirled around and slapped Alexis hard across the face. The man looked at him, shocked, pressing a hand against his burning cheek. “What…?”
“What the hell were you thinking?” Ciel roared. “Why do you always have to be like this?”
“Ciel.” Alexis reached out for him but Ciel slapped his hand away. He was too angry to be placated so easily.
“You’re always like this, you never think. What am I to do when something happens to you? Have you ever thought about that? Of course you haven’t, you only think about yourself.”
“Forget it! Why am I even caring? I should know better right? I’m so sick of it, just do whatever you bloody want!” And with that, Ciel turned on his heels and stormed off.
For hours Ciel locked himself into their bedroom, fuming. Why couldn’t Alexis think of him for once? Just once. What was he to do if something should ever happen to Alexis? He wasn’t sure he could go on living without the man. Alexis on the other hand didn’t seem bothered at all.
Alexis came knocking at the door about every half hour, but Ciel ignored his pleads. After the tenth time though, he finally gave in and opened the door. Alexis regarded him with a mixture of chagrin and relief.
“I’m so sorry, Ciel,” he said softly, not daring to reach out for Ciel. “I’m a selfish bastard, you’re right. I never think about what I do and what my actions might do to others. I’m sorry, I know.”
“If you know then why are you still behaving like this?”
“Because bad habits die hard. But I promise, I’ll better myself. I’ll start right away. No more moping and I will behave. Promised.” Ciel glared at him, daring the man to lie at him, but Alexis seemed serious, there was no lie in his eyes. He sighed and held a hand out to Alexis. A relieved smile lit his friend’s face. He grabbed Ciel’s hand and pulled him into a tight hug. For a long moment they held each other quietly, then Alexis loosened his grip, took Ciel by the hand and led him to the enormous love seat by the window. He sat down and pulled Ciel into his lap.
“So, what do you say we invite Christine over and have a nice, little moonlight party in our garden?”
“You mean Christine and Marius,” Ciel corrected him.
“Ah, yeah, that.”
“Alexis, I know you two don’t really get along but he is Christine’s companion and our friend.”
“Pfft – friend.”
“He did help us after you’ve been selfish again, did he not?”
“Anyway, let’s invite them, eh?”
Ciel smiled. Marius and Alexis would never admit to be friends should their lives depend on it. Yet deep down, Ciel knew Alexis was grateful for what Marius had done for them and should either of them ever be gone, he would be dearly missed – by all of them.
“All right,” Ciel agreed, snuggling against Alexis. He felt the man kiss the top of his head and closed his eyes contentedly.

“It’s been far too long, my sweet boy,” Christine crooned, pressing Ciel against her ample bosom. She smelled of Jasmine.
“Christine, love, I’d appreciate you didn’t suffocate my lover,” Alexis smiled, holding out a glass of claret to her.
“It’s your fault we haven’t seen each other in weeks. I bet you’ve been busy being a drama queen again.” Alexis blushed, embarrassed and hurried to pour some more wine for the rest of them.
It was a lovely night. The moon stood high and full, illuminating the garden with its silvery light. The air was filled with the scent of spring flowers and somewhere in the distance a nightingale sang a love song. It was too lovely a night to waste it with talks about the new Council and their laws and so they chose to amuse themselves by telling stories and anecdotes, laughing and drinking wine. Even Marius, usually a rather sullen fellow, seemed to enjoy himself greatly, laughing heartily about some of Alexis’s more unsuccessful endeavours.
“Ciel,” Alexis said eventually, his face flushed from wine and laughter. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to give you for quite a while now, but the time never seemed right and then… well, you know.” He reached into his inside pocket and pulled a small box out. Placing it in front of Ciel, he opened the lid.
On a small bed of velvet lay two rings, one a bit smaller than the other, one a bright, polished silver, the other a dark platinum. The silver one had a small, perfect emerald embedded, the platinum one a black diamond. Both had the same intricate pattern engraved.
Ciel stared at the rings not understanding what Alexis meant by giving them to him. But before he could ask, Alexis took the smaller ring, the one with the black diamond, from its bed and slipped it carefully over Ciel’s ring finger. It fit perfectly.
“Ciel,” Alexis began, his voice suddenly husky. “I’ve promised you I would better myself and I will. I want you to know that there is nothing more important in this world to me than you. You are my everything, my heart and soul, without you I couldn’t exist. My very being will forever be bound to you.” Ciel blinked at his friend then at the ring on his hand. A black diamond – Alexis’s stone. Just as the emerald represented him, Ciel, the black diamond stood for Alexis. and finally Ciel understood the meaning of the ring and Alexis’s words: Alexis gave himself to Ciel completely, he gave him his soul. There was no greater proof of Alexis’s love for him than this.
Overwhelmed, Ciel threw himself into Alexis’s arms, his own one’s slung around his lover’s neck. Tears ran over Ciel’s cheeks when he kissed Alexis hard enough to bruise the man’s lips. Alexis held him as tightly as he could, pressed against each other. Forgetting they were not alone, their kiss grew more passionate until Christine heaved a huge sigh.
“That’s so romantic,” she sighed. “Why don’t you ever do something like that?” She shot Marius an evil glare. The small man sank deeper into his chair, grumbling.
Embarrassed, Ciel lay his head on Alexis’s shoulder. His eyes met Christine’s and she smiled at him warmly.
“Aw, isn’t that cute!” Startled, all four of them turned towards the portico from where the voice had come in a harsh tone. Three men, all tall and burly, stood on the portico. They wore the same long, brown coat over what seemed to be some sort of uniform.
“And you are?” Alexis asked gruffly, letting go of Ciel, and slowly stood up. “I don’t recall inviting you.”
“Oh, but you did. With that little stroll you were taking this morning. Out here. In this very garden.” The man with the harsh voice came forward. He was obviously the one in charge for the others didn’t move nor speak. Ciel moved instinctively closer to Alexis, noticing out of the corner of his eyes that both, Christine and Marius, had stood up and were flanking them.
“Well that’s exactly what it is, right? My garden. I’m free to do as I like with what’s mine, just as I have the right to remove unwanted, unwelcome guests from my property.” The burly man moved closer, radiating nothing but menace, but Alexis stood his ground, his eyes unwaveringly fixed on the intruder.
“Might be as you say,” the man rasped. “But you broke a law taking one step out of that nice house you got there before the sun had gone down. So I’m going to take you into custody now.”
“You will do no such thing! This is ridiculous!” Christine flared up suddenly, the air around her crackling dangerously, her eyes glowing with a blue fire.
“Ridiculous? You of all people should know how to abide by our law, Enforcer,” the man replied calmly but there was something perilous in the way his eyes lingered on Christine. For a moment they stared each other down, not one of them giving ground. The tension was so thick one could have cut it with a knife.
Slowly the man moved his head away from Christine and his eyes found Ciel. His gaze sent a shiver down Ciel’s spine. Alexis reached out, putting an arm protectively around his shoulders.
“That’s a pretty doll you got there. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to him, would you?” the Vampire sneered. Ciel heard Christine taking a sharp breath and Marius growling lowly. Alexis’s arm around him tightened.
“Don’t you dare threatening him,” Alexis hissed.
“Or what? You have the choice: come quietly or I won’t guarantee for your doll’s safety.”
“Fine,” Alexis grumbled. Shocked, Ciel looked up into his companion’s face but Alexis kept his eyes on the intruder, his face set determinedly, not giving any hint of what was going on in his head.
“Alexis, what the hell are you saying?” Surprisingly, it was Marius who stepped forward, gripping Alexis’s arm. “Don’t –“ he began but Alexis cut him off.
“I have no choice,” he said quietly. He looked intently at Marius until the little man released him, then Alexis turned to Christine, looking at her just as intently. For a moment it seemed she would argue, but whatever she saw in Alexis’s eyes made her change her mind. She nodded sadly and took a step back.
“Could I have a moment alone with my companion? Please,” Alexis asked. The burly Vampire sneered nastily but he only shrugged with one shoulder and went back to the other two still standing on the portico.
“Ciel,” Alexis said, finally turning towards Ciel, and put his hands on Ciel’s shoulders.
“No! What the hell are you doing?” Ciel demanded. “You can’t just do what they say, you –“
“You heard him. I can’t let anything happen to you.”
“Screw that!” Ciel screeched angrily, gripping the front of Alexis’s shirt. “I won’t let you go with them!”
“Ciel, please. It’s my own fault this happened. I won’t have you put in danger because of me. Please.”
The pleading in his friend’s eyes stopped Ciel from arguing any more. He had no idea what to do anyway, only that he couldn’t let this happen. He wouldn’t let those bastards take Alexis’s away from him, it didn’t matter what happened to him as long as they were together.
Alexis carefully pried Ciel’s fingers off his shirt. His eyes were regretful, full of sadness.
“No!” Ciel cried again but before he could reach for Alexis again, the man stepped away from him. Gentle but incredibly strong arms came around him, holding him in place, struggling uselessly.
“Stop it, Ciel, it will be all right, I promise,” Christine whispered into his ear. “We’ll think of something.”
Unable to break free, Ciel watched his companion mount the steps to the portico. The two quiet man took him into their middle at once, each taking hold of Alexis’s arms, and led him away. Alexis didn’t look back. With a last sneer in Ciel’s direction, their leader turned and followed them.
And then they were gone.
As soon as Christine let go of him, Ciel’s legs gave in. A dull pain spread through his chest, making it hard for him to breath. His ears were ringing, his head spinning, he was too shocked even to cry. How could this happen? Why?
“Ciel?” Christine asked gently, crouching down beside him. Her voice shook slightly. “Ciel, darling-“
“How could you let them do this?” Ciel roared suddenly, glaring furiously at the woman. “Why didn’t you do something? Why did he just go with them? WHY?”
“He did it for you.”
“ME? What the hell is that supposed to mean?” Ciel jumped to his feet, outraged. Was she trying to blame him for Alexis’s recklessness?
“Ciel, that man was seriously threatening you. Maybe you didn’t notice but we did. He-“
“Stop treating me like a fragile, little doll,” Ciel hissed. His eyes suddenly flashed a bright green and with a loud clanking noise, the glasses shattered, blood red claret dripping from the edge of the table.
Christine stared at him with wide eyes. He couldn’t see Marius in his back, but he heard the man gasp.
“That… since… since when… you…” Christine stammered, blinking like an owl at the messed up table.
“I wasn’t even a century old when it started,” Ciel replied. He felt suddenly much calmer.
“Does Alexis know?”
“Of course. He taught me how to control it. He was pretty annoyed about all the damaged furniture every time I was angry.”
“I can imagine. Especially with your temper,” Christine answered, ponderingly.
Marius, who had been standing rooted to the spot ever since Alexis had been led away, finally moved. He came to stand between them, all of a sudden determined looking.
“Say, Ciel,” he began slowly, “how much control of your powers do you have?”
“Full control, why do you ask?”
“Marius, don’t tell me,” Christine gasped. Marius held a hand up, stalling her argument.
“The boy is right, it’s time we stopped treating him like a precious doll if we want to get Alexis back.”
A spark of hope suddenly blossomed inside Ciel’s chest, driving the pain away. If even Marius was with them, they could actually do it. Despite his small built and the cowardly demeanour, Marius wasn’t an Enforcer without reason. Ciel had always thought Christine was the powerful one until he had witnessed a serious Marius. That small man was a walking terror.
“You surprise me, my love,” Christine exclaimed, a wicked glint in her blue eyes. “To think you would want Alexis back.”
“Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as if I suddenly fell in love with that bastard. But life without him would be dreadfully boring.” Marius turned to Ciel and put a hand on the boy’s shoulder. His brown eyes locked with Ciel’s and what Ciel could see in them fuelled the hope within him.
“It will be hard and it will be dangerous, but we will get him back or die trying,” Marius declared in a voice befitting a commander. Ciel nodded.
::Wait for me Alexis::, he thought, ::I will come for you, love.::

~To be concluded~

Part II


D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :( Please be writing a happy end for these two!

Hmm - we'll see... though you know, it might always be better to keep the possibility to write another sequel, so... ;)
Hmm I had to read the first part to see if I was mixing up the characters lol I mean Alexis was tough and Ciel a whiny baby in Harvest (?) moon...now it's vice versa and am I mistaken or not, there's quite some time between the chapters? Not in posting but in the story? Or did I muss something? -iz afraid-

Sweet ideas with the rings and I want to see a serious Marius.
Ah, I see, no you weren't mixing them up. Alexis can be tough, he is most of the time, but unfortunately he's a big drama queen o.0
And Ciel, well, he was very angsty in the beginning due to his circumstances but he is damned quick tempered and he really has some claws and teeth ;)

Between Harvest Moon and this one there are about 300 years ;)

Thanks :D
Yeah, Marius - you know, small men... ;) *lol*
Well then he had 300 years to become tough ;) Did I miss something you wrote in between those 300 years?

I suppose male Drama Queens are really unnerving lol

Hmm I don't really like small men, most of them think they have to make up their missing size with acting as if they are really awesomely intelligent or whatever...idiots mostly...from my experience
Yup ;)
No, you didn't miss anything, you've already read the other story, so... =)

So annoying *lol* ;)

Usually they have a Napoleon complex or are just general 'Giftzwerge' ;)
Ah fine then, since I'm not really up to date and behind I wasn't sure if something slipped through you know :D
Then all's fine, I guess I'm one story behind?!

Indeed, last week I watched Perfektes Dinner once or twice and there was a gay guy, goodness not really o.O That was spooky

Yeah that's really stupid, my boss is not much taller than I. Perhaps 3 centimetres...that might explain things :D
There's only the second part of this story left - no new short story or else posted lately ;)

Yeah, a friend of mine, he's really nice and I think most people don't even notice he's gay, but oh dear when he gets bitchy or Diva-like, terrible *lol*

hmm, that really might explain a few things ;)
Good that's what I know :) So hopefully I'll be reading it before you post something new :)

I only 'know' three gay men, one is well he even was a bit too much to bear when he didn't even wanted to admit he is more into men than women. The other is really kinda cute, and you'd never think so. I don't even know if he can get bitchy lol and the last hmm is a mix of both I'd say.
I hope you can give him a decent kick when he's into his diva mood ;)

Okay :)

Well, he usually gets into Diva mode when it has something to do with university. He tends to take every little comment a Prof makes when he has to give a presentation or about his term papers really personally and thinks that's just because they don't like him. And when said a Prof doesn't give him an A he tends to not like that Prof anymore *lol*
It's usually quite funny so it's okay ;)
lol OK when it's still fun and a good laugh it's fine :) I hope he's not offended then :D
No no, he's used of us making fun about that, he laughs with us :D
Oh that's great :) Nothing worse than ppl who can't laugh about their own self