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September 2014

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Arrrrrrrr, a shanty ;)

Arrrrr, it’s ‘Talk like a pirate’s day, an’ if tha’ ain’t enough, it’s me heartie arooza’s anniversary of ‘er first ‘commandeering’. ‘Ope yer all know what tha’ means, yer lousy scallywags! Time fer some nice little shanty, it is. Savvy?!

Title: Hunter’s Moon - this is a sequel to Harvest Moon (hence the clever naming)
Rating: 16 (out of principle)
Warning: Vampiry stuff; contains m/m relationship, so do refrain from reading unless you’re all right with that – or I will slash yer open and feed yer stinkin’ innards to the fishes!! Arrrrr!!!!

And may yer excuse the ink blots and blood stains, there was no scrivener at hand (though if ‘t were only his hand, I would ‘ave had that – mwahahahahahaha)

Hunter’s Moon

::Open your eyes and take my hand, I will show you a whole new world, Ciel. ::

He slowly opened his eyes. The moon hung low in the sky, shining unnaturally bright. It was over one year ago now that Alexis had found him. He had been prepared to die then, nothing in this world could hold him here anymore. And it had certainly felt like dying: a soft, easeful death, held in strong arms and for the first – and only – time in his life he had felt wanted. It was enough, that one moment of happiness, it was enough for him.
And then he had heard the voice – soft, gentle and luring. It had called him, beckoned to him: “Open your eyes and take my hand, I will show you a whole new world, Ciel.”
He had slowly opened his eyes, blinded by the sudden brightness of the moon. As his vision cleared, he had recognised Alexis’s face in front of him. The man still held him in his arms, smiling gently.
That night, Ciel had been reborn.
He sat up and took a look around. Alexis was nowhere in sight. The door to the old shack they had spent the day in stood wide open.
He stood up, put his slightly wrinkled clothes on and went outside. The moon really was extraordinarily bright this night, it was as if night had been turned into day. The trees cast long, grotesque shadows and from afar came the hunting cry of an owl, the howl of a lone wolf.
Alexis stood in the middle of the vast, empty meadow, staring up at the night sky, his back to the moon. Ciel could see the tension in the man’s body even from the distance. Lately, Alexis had become more and more brooding and restless, merely stopping to let Ciel rest for a few hours, as the youth was not yet strong enough to travel day and night without rest for weeks. It was as if Alexis was on the run, but why and from what or whom, Ciel didn’t know.
For months the world had been theirs. Alexis had taught him how to move amongst the circle of royalty, they had stayed in fancy hotels, worn expensive clothes, ate the most delicious food and drank the most exquisite wine. Ciel had been surprised to find that he still craved for food and drink, though more for the taste of it than out of necessity. They never drank from any of the women and men around them, sticking to small animals – and each other’s blood. Ciel was glad about it. He was still shy and introverted, to seduce anyone was absolutely out of question, even if Alexis claimed he didn’t even need to do anything at all as he was already alluring enough. Alexis was truly a master in making Ciel feel embarrassed.
But more than Alexis’s words, made his actions Ciel blush. When they were alone, the man embraced him with a desire and passion that almost terrified Ciel and yet, he revelled in it.
But now… when Alexis looked at him now, his eyes held none of the laughter, warmth and affection they usually did. He didn’t touch Ciel and hardly spoke to him. He was cold and distant and Ciel had the strong feeling Alexis regretted ever having taken Ciel with him. All of a sudden he felt the way he had all his life again – unwanted.
Perhaps it was for the best if he left Alexis, though he had no idea what he was supposed to do then.
Ciel took a deep breath and made his way across the meadow towards Alexis. Although he moved silently, not even a whisper on the wind, Alexis turned before he had reached him. The man’s dark eyes were boring into him, his expression cold and neutral.
“Good, you’re finally up,” Alexis said. “We should move on.” Without waiting for an answer, Alexis pushed past him. Ciel balled his hands into fists.
“I’m not coming with you,” he said firmly.
“What?” Ciel turned around, his jaw set determinedly.
“I said, I won’t come with you.” A myriad of emotions flicked over Alexis’s face before it settled back into this terribly neutral expression.
“What do you mean?” he asked coldly. “Mind to tell me what you intend to do instead?”
“I don’t know,” Ciel admitted. “But I won’t stay with you when it’s so obvious you don’t want me around.” His chest constricted painfully, and not only because he was afraid of being alone.
“That’s ridiculous!” Alexis snapped. “Have I ever said or done anything that made you come to that glorious conclusion or is it one of your little pipe dreams? How many times have I told you to get rid of that stupid complex of yours? There’s nothing cute about your lack of self-confidence anymore, it’s just plain annoying.” Ciel gritted his teeth.
“In fact, if you really need to know,” he snarled, “it’s you talking to me like that if you talk to me at all and dragging me from one place to another, not staying anywhere for more than a few hours. I’m fed up with this. And don’t you dare deny that you think I’m a bother when it’s written all over your face.” For a long moment they stared each other down. It was Alexis who gave in first, averting his eyes.
“I never intended to make you feel unwanted. I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “Stay with me, all right?” Ciel heaved a big sigh and folded his arms in front of his chest.
“Not until you tell me what’s wrong with you lately.” Alexis fidgeted and for a moment it looked as if he would refuse, but at last, he relented.
“Fine, but not here. Let’s go back to the shack.” He turned on his heels and strode off. Ciel rolled his eyes, exasperated and followed the man. ::This better be good and Alexis is not just acting like a drama queen over nothing again.::
The inside of the shack was much darker than outside, not much of the extraordinarily bright moonlight fell through the cracks in the walls. But it didn’t matter how dark it was. Since that night one year ago, Ciel’s eyes could see just as well in the dark as in the light.
Alexis stood with his back to him, staring at the far wall. This time, he didn’t turn when Ciel approached him.
“So? What is it?” Ciel asked impatiently.
“You remember that masquerade ball a few months ago?” Alexis asked, still not turning towards Ciel.
“And Marius and Christine?”
“Yes. So what…”
“Ever since that ball, I fear they’re tracking us. Until now we were able to be ahead of them but they’ve caught up now.” Alexis hung his head, his hands balled into fists.
“All right, but I still don’t see where the problem is,” Ciel remarked, confused. Finally, Alexis turned around. There was something strange in his eyes, a mixture of fear, defiance and worry.
“Marius and Christine are Enforcers,” he sighed.
Enforcers? What’s that supposed to be?”
“They make sure the law is kept and punish those that act against it,” Alexis explained.
“What’s that got to do with us?”
“Not so much with us as with me. But I’m not sure what they’re going to do with you.”
“What the hell is that supposed to mean? Hey! Alexis!” Ciel took the taller man by the shoulders and shook him hard. He had enough of Alexis’s circumspect way. Why couldn’t he just say it whatever it was. “What law?” he continued. “You’ve never said anything about a law before. And why are they after you?”
“Ciel,” Alexis said in a small voice. “I’ve done something I shouldn’t have. I’m sorry.”
“Argh! Stop rambling and get to the point,” Ciel cried, exasperated.
“I’ve made you one of us.”
Ciel stopped dead, his hands slipping off Alexis’s shoulders. “Hu?” So that was it. Alexis was regretting having taken Ciel with him. He didn’t care if Alexis had done something illegal or not, but that the man was regretting it now was…
“Look,” Alexis sighed, running a hand through his glossy hair. “The law states that it is forbidden to drink the blood of a mortal, even if it’s consensual.” Ciel’s eyes widened. ::But then, why…:: “The only way to drink any blood at all these days is to drink from animals or your companion.” ::Oh, now I see.:: Until now, Ciel had foolishly thought that Alexis might be restraining himself from drinking a mortal’s blood because he didn’t want it, and that he had kept Ciel from doing it because he might be jealous. So much for that. It seemed he had only been imagining Alexis having any feelings for him. ::Stupid me. Even after dying once you haven’t learned your lesson, have you? It’s Eino all over again.:: He was nothing but a snack bar to Alexis. Ciel felt like screaming. He wanted to beat that man to a pulp, to tear down this whole damn shack. Instead, he gritted his teeth and glared at Alexis. “So how about Changing people then?” he snarled.
“Well, that’s complicated,” Alexis said calmly. ::God, the cheek of him!:: “If you really want to Change someone, then first of all that person must give their consent. Then you need to appeal to the Council and there will be a hearing. Depending on your arguments and reasons they either give you permission or they don’t. If they do then there will be a date set for the Change. Until then both parties can still cancel the arrangement. And on the appointed day, you meet at the Council. There will be some oath taking to uphold the law and blah, blah and yeah. That’s it basically.”
Ciel gaped at the man open mouthed, his anger momentarily forgotten. “What the hell?” he blurted out.
“I know, it’s quite bureaucratic.” Alexis’s nonchalance was enough to remind Ciel to be furious.
“That’s not the problem,” he snapped. “Not only did you never tell me anything about this, you’ve never asked for my consent either and now you tell me it was wrong to do so and you regret ever having done it?”
“Ciel, I…”
“No! You know what?” Ciel leaned towards Alexis, his green eyes ablaze with fury. “I don’t care what they’ll do with you. I’m off. I don’t ever want to see your face again!” And with this he turned on his heels and stormed off. Alexis called after him but he didn’t care, he had enough.

Alexis stared after the boy, not daring to run after him and stop him. His chest constricted painfully. Ciel was hot-tempered and easily provoked but this time it was serious and Alexis knew the youth was right. It was his own fault. What had he been thinking? Had he really thought he could get away with it ?
The moment any other Vampire saw the boy they would know how very young he was and that he knew nothing of the world. They were bound to start asking questions and sooner or later it all would have come to light. It was just his luck that the first other Vampires they had met were Enforcers. Though, honestly, how long had he been thinking to keep it all from Ciel? The boy’s reaction was understandable, he had every right to be furious.
Alexis sat down on the dirty floor, not caring about his expensive trousers, and put his head in his hands. Really, what had he been thinking? He admitted he had always thought the law not to drink from a mortal was absolutely ridiculous, but that didn’t mean he was some sort of criminal who didn’t uphold their laws. In fact, he, himself, had once considered a career as Enforcer. But that had involved being stuck with a partner for the rest of eternity and back then, that was the worst that could have happened to a man as wild and free as Alexis. It had been unthinkable to take him off the market, so to speak, the world would have been a so much bleaker place. No, it was unthinkable.
And then he had met Ciel. He remembered the moment he had smelled the boy’s blood for the first time, how intoxicating it had been, making him light-headed and ruthless. When he had first laid eyes on him then, he had been blinded by the boy’s beauty. He had wanted him no matter the price. He had been completely enthralled by him.
::That’s what you get for thinking with your… wait, what had I wanted from him anyway?:: At first Alexis had been so intoxicated with the smell of Ciel’s blood that he had been unable to think of anything else. But as soon as he had looked into those emerald eyes, he had been lost.
“Argh! I’m such an idiot!” Alexis moaned.
“Yes, you certainly are.” His head snapped up. He had been so lost in thought that he hadn’t even sensed anyone coming.
“Marius,” he sighed, disappointed. “Where’s Christine? I like her much more than you. And you’re not my type.”
“Do you think you’re in any position to be joking?”
“Oh, I wasn’t joking.”
“You…” Marius gritted his teeth and took a few deep breaths. Alexis couldn’t help but smile, satisfied. He’d always had this kind of impact on the small man.
Marius was almost a head smaller than his companion Christine and had always had complexes about his plain appearance, fearing Christine might dump him one day for a better companion. Her flirting wildly with Alexis whenever they met was just the right spark to set Marius on fire.
Alexis stood up, brushing the dirt from his trousers.
“So, where is she? I’d really rather have her punishing me, if you know what I mean,” he said with a wicked grin. Marius’s face went dark red. He spluttered something unintelligible and Alexis could have sworn there was steam coming out of the man’s collar. He waited, full of gleeful anticipation, if the small man would start stomping and screeching like a furious leprechaun. But he was disappointed again when Marius took two deep breaths and cleared his voice.
“I hope you know what you’ve done,” he said, all business.
“And you are aware that this is a crime?”
“Yes, yes.”
“And you do know what punishment awaits you, don’t you?”
“Oh, yes. And I reckon you’re already looking forward to it,” Alexis replied conversationally, smiling kindly.
“You bet,” Marius sneered.
Alexis rolled his eyes and heaved a big sigh. Marius was so boring, if only Christine was here. ::Where the hell is she anyway?:: And suddenly, it struck him where she was. Ciel. He should have never let any of them get to the boy alone. ::Damn you, Alexis if ever there was a greater fool in this world, I’d really love to meet him.::

Ciel paced restlessly between two big old trees, muttering angrily. ::Alexis, that bastard.::
“He can be a real jerk, don’t you think?”
“Hell yes,” Ciel growled and then stopped dead. He swallowed hard and turned slowly around.
An elegant, beautiful woman leant against one of the trees. Her golden hair shimmered in the moonlight, her dark red dress gently caressed the soft curves of her body. Her blue eyes sparkled and a warm little smile lay on her sensuous red lips. Christine.
“Ch-christine,” Ciel stammered, taking a step back. His heart was suddenly hammering in his chest.
“You still remember me,” Christine exclaimed, “I’m so happy!” In one flowing, languid movement as if she was gliding over the ground, she approached Ciel. He found himself unable to move, even when she put a hand under his chin, tilting his head back to look into his eyes. Christine was tall for a woman, almost as tall as Alexis.
“My sweet boy,” she breathed, “why are you out here all on your own?”
“I… I…”
“You don’t intend to run away from Alexis, do you? It would break his heart, you know.”
“As if, he only cares about himself,” Ciel snapped, trying to free himself from Christine’s grip and found he could not. Although her touch felt gentle, it was like a vice. A hint of panic awoke in him.
“And what do you intend to do then?” Christine asked, pretending not to notice Ciel’s futile struggle.
“I… don’t know.”
“Ah,” she sighed. “See and that is the problem, love. I can’t just let you go out into the world all by yourself. You are too young and you know nothing about our world and our rules. It would be irresponsible.”
“So what? You’re going to take me on a leash?” Ciel growled.
“No, of course not.” Christine smiled softly. “You are Alexis’s responsibility, so you should be with him.”
“What? But…” Ciel trailed off. Did they intend to punish him for what Alexis had done, too? But he hadn’t known anything, he had never done anything wrong. That just wasn’t fair.
“You don’t need to be afraid, love,” Christine continued softly, taking a step closer, her body whispering against Ciel’s. He tried to push the woman away, to take a step away from her, but it was useless.
“I won’t go back to him,” he panted, trying still to free himself.
“Don’t be so stubborn. Yes, he should have told you, yes, you’re having a fight now, but so what? All lovers have little quarrels once in a while.”
“We’re not lover,” Ciel hissed.
“Oh? You are not? Strange, I would have thought you were,” Christine replied, taken aback. “How strange. He never wanted a companion, so I thought with you… but then… why Change you, why take all that risk?”
“That’s what I’d like to know. Could you please let go now?” For several heartbeats Christine didn’t answer. She stared over Ciel’s head into the distance, pondering.
Suddenly, she snapped out of it and looked down into Ciel’s green eyes. Her own blue eyes glittered like jewels.
“My sweet, beautiful Ciel,” she breathed, leaning towards him. “How could I ever let you go?”
Before Ciel knew what was happening, her sensuous lips met his. Ciel froze in shock as Christine gently pried his lips apart, slipping her tongue into his mouth. She tasted incredibly sweet, like honey. A strange numbness spread through Ciel’s body.
A moment later she broke the kiss. Ciel blinked at her. His vision started to blur, his lips where they had touched hers were numb, as was the rest of his body.
“What… have… you… done?” he asked haltingly. It was difficult to speak.
“Don’t worry, love, it’ll be over soon,” Christine whispered into his ear.
And then, Ciel blacked out.

Alexis and Marius sat on the dirty floor, staring each other down. They hadn’t spoken a single word in what felt like hours.
Suddenly, the door to the shack burst open and Christine stood in the frame, illuminated by the moon in her back, carrying Ciel in her arms as if he was a small child.
“Ciel!” Alexis cried, jumping to his feet. He rushed forward and took the unconscious boy from her. “What the hell have you done to him?”
“Don’t worry about it,” she smiled, waving Alexis’s concern away with an elegant hand. “He’ll be waking any moment now.” Alexis frowned at the boy in his arms, then at Christine.
“Say,” he said slowly, “you didn’t by any chance… I mean… you… oh! Christine!”
“What?” she exclaimed. “He didn’t want to come and I didn’t want to force him. I might have hurt him. So…”
“Please,” Alexis replied wryly. “I hope you know that that’s a really nasty hobby you got there.”
“It’s not a hobby.”
“Is it not? Then tell my why exactly are you doing this all the time? You did this to me… how many times already?”
“Aw, but that’s something completely different. I like kissing you,” Christine pouted.
Behind Alexis, Marius suddenly sprang to his feet, angry red spots on his face.
“What?” he roared. “Christine, you…”
“Oh, stop making a fuss!” she snapped and Marius cowered.
Alexis ignored them both. He carried the boy to the small pallet he had been sleeping on this afternoon and laid him carefully down. Ciel seemed always so peaceful when he was asleep, but Alexis knew this would be over as soon as he woke up. He sighed and sat down, gently stroking the boy’s silky black hair.
“And, what now?” Marius grumbled impatiently.
“Now, we wait till the boy wakes up,” Christine commanded haughtily, settling down next to Alexis.

He had never seen a place more pompous and splendid. The palazzo’s ball room was lit with hundreds of candles, their light reflected in the many crystals of chandeliers, glasses and the myriad of jewels on slender necks, elegant hands and long gentle fingers. From the incredibly high ceiling a host of angels watched benevolently over the revellers in all their colourful garments, dancing and laughing. The sweetest music he had ever heard filled the ball room, drifting through the doors and windows into the night.
Ciel stared in wonder, his silver mask forgotten in his right hand. The scene in front of him was as if from another world, as if he was dreaming.
“Ciel, you have to put that mask on, you know,” Alexis’s voice reached his ear. He turned, startled and found the tall man beside him, smiling knowingly. “It’s fantastic, is it not?” Ciel nodded. He had no words to describe what he saw. “Here, let me help you with this,” Alexis said, taking the silver mask from Ciel and put it carefully over the boy’s face.
The mask was held by two thin hooks that went over the ears, like those of eye-glasses. It was decorated with delicate engravings of vines and flowers. The mask mostly covered the region around the eyes, curving softly over the brows, but on the lower part, delicate tendrils of silver curled gently across Ciel’s cheeks down to his throat as if they were vines themselves. It felt strange to wear the heavy mask.
Alexis’s mask was similar to his, but instead of silver it was gold and instead of delicate tendrils there were beams like those of the sun running straight down his cheeks.
“So, now that we’re ready, shall we go?” Alexis asked, smiling broadly and offered Ciel his arm. Ciel frowned at the man. He was no lady one offered an arm to.
“All right,” he said and pushed past Alexis into the brightly lit ball room. He could feel the man behind him, following him like a shadow. It was a reassuring feeling.
The sight was truly amazing to behold. All the different masks, some in gold or silver like theirs, others were decorated with feathers, or glittering jewels. Some masks were only covering the eyes, but some that covered the whole face were held on silver rods by their wearers.
The women wore the most exquisite dresses, their skirts wide and flowing, their necklines cut daringly low. The men wore matching breeches and long coats, masterfully embroidered. It was all so colourful that Ciel had the slight feeling of being inside a rainbow.
This afternoon, Alexis had bought him a dark green overcoat made of finest brocade, embroidered with silver vines and matching breeches. He felt uncomfortable and out of place wearing such expensive clothes but Alexis had insisted. And now he knew why. He would have stood out like a sore thumb in anything less posh.
Ciel made his way through the bustle of people to the other side of the room where he found a nice spot by the window, to watch the dancers. Only a moment later Alexis appeared at his elbow, holding a wine glass – wherever he got that from – out to him. Ciel accepted gratefully and took a deep draught of the rich, dark wine. It tasted of warm sunshine, earth and flowers.
“Say, love,” Alexis said, “do you intend to stay here all night?”
“Um… yes. Why?”
“Ciel!” Alexis cried, exasperated. “You should dance and have fun. This is a ball.”
“I can’t dance,” Ciel mumbled into his glass.
“What? Why haven’t you said so before? I would have taught you.”
“It’s no big deal. I enjoy watching others dance.” He smiled broadly at the man to prove his point. Alexis sighed but let it go.
It didn’t take long until Alexis was swept off to dance. Ciel smiled after him, watching the man twirling a petit, red-haired girl on the dance floor. His every movement was so graceful and flowing, his feet seemed to barely touch the ground. His bronze coloured overcoat swirled around his legs, his long, brown hair, bound back with a satin ribbon, sparkled with gold in the candle light. Alexis was a truly handsome man.
Ciel looked around himself and saw man and women alike, watching Alexis, whispering behind their masks and fans. There was admiration in their eyes but also plain desire. Ciel felt a painful stab in his heart. He dropped his gaze, staring intently into his wine glass. Suddenly he didn’t want to be here anymore. He wanted to leave, with Alexis, wanted them to be alone. A feeling of uncertainty welled up inside him. He hadn’t felt like this in months, Alexis had driven it off, but to think that the man could leave him one day, that someone might take Alexis from him, scared him. He had no one else in this world, no one else wanted him. And why should Alexis stay with him? He was nothing and he had nothing to give. All he was, was a boy with a girly face.
“Ciel?” Alexis’s voice startled him out of his brooding thoughts. “What’s wrong?”
“Um… no… nothing,” Ciel stammered, hardly convincing. “Why? Should something be wrong?”
“Oh, it’s just because you look just like you did that night I found you. Like a lost, abandoned kitten.”
“Kitten?” Ciel bristled. “I’ll show you kitten!” Alexis laughed, leaned forward and pressed his lips to Ciel’s before the boy could utter another word. “Are you nuts?” Ciel hissed, scandalised. He took a quick look around, making sure no one had seen them. His hope died instantly when he noticed a group of young ladies watching them, giggling and whispering behind their fans. “Don’t do something like that here.”
“Why not?” Alexis asked innocently. He stepped closer to Ciel, forcing the boy to press his back against the cool window pane behind him. Alexis leaned towards him, his body whispering against the youth’s. “I’d love to ravish you right here and now,” he said softly into Ciel’s ear. The boy blushed furiously. He pushed Alexis from him, punching the man hard in the shoulder.
“Idiot!” he growled. “You’re such a jerk!” Alexis roared with laughter, not caring that Ciel was glaring daggers at him. At last, the boy couldn’t help it anymore and burst out laughing too.
They spent hours afterwards, drinking wine, chatting with diverse lords and ladies, laughing and dancing. Alexis tried to teach Ciel how to dance with the help of a lovely young lady who blushed prettily every time Ciel smiled at her.
It was close to dawn when they finally decided to go back to their hotel room. Alexis told a footman to call them a hansom while they waited in the entrance hall. Ciel was glad to be able at last to take the mask off, it had grown nearly unbearably heavy in the last hour.
“You’re tired?” Alexis asked.
“A bit. But I’m really hungry,” Ciel admitted.
“I know. You just have to wait till we’re back at the hotel, all right?” Ciel nodded.
And then, the boy’s eyes widened in shock as suddenly a pair of elegant, fair skinned arms slung themselves around Alexis’s middle like snakes. Unfazed, Alexis merely rolled his eyes.
“A.LE.XIS,” a sweet, female voice breathed seductively.
“Hello, Christine,” Alexis sighed.
“Aw, why so cold?” the woman pouted, stepping out from behind Alexis. Ciel had no idea how she had managed to stay hidden behind the man, she was nearly as tall as he. And beautiful. Her hair shone like spun gold in the candlelight, her bright blue eyes glittered with good humour, a soft smile lingered on her sensuous red lips. She wore a dark red dress with an extremely low cut neckline, hugging the soft curves of her body,
“Oh,” she exclaimed delightedly when her eyes fell on Ciel. “Oh, I see why you are so cold to me, Alexis. What a beautiful boy.” She reached a glittering hand out for Ciel, but Alexis was faster. Stepping beside the boy, he slung his arm around Ciel’s slim waist and drew the him against him. Ciel blinked like an owl, not comprehending what was going on.
The woman – Christine – let her hand fall, seeming not in the least offended.
“Are you alone Christine?” Alexis asked conversationally.
“No, of course not,” she replied. “Marius has to be around here somewhere.”
“Oh.” Ciel looked up startled at the disappointment in Alexis’s voice.
“Look, there he is.” A small man came hurrying towards them. He had a harassed look on his face and his light brown hair was in disarray. He stopped next to Christine, his head merely reaching as high as her ample bosom.
“Alexis,” he said with obvious distaste.
“Marius,” Alexis answered alike. For a short moment both men glared at each other, then Marius turned to Christine.
“Our hansom is waiting, we should go.”
“But Alexis hasn’t even introduced me to this lovely creature yet,” Christine said, her eyes still fixed on Ciel.
“This is Ciel,” Alexis replied tightly, “my companion. Ciel, these are Christine and Marius.”
“Companion?” Christine cried. “Oh, how wonderful, Alexis. That you’ve finally found someone to be by your side. I’m so happy for you. And he’s such a beauty.”
“Yeah, we all know Alexis has a knack for pretty faces,” Marius sneered. “Can we go now?”
“Oh, but we have to meet soon and have dinner together, all right?” Christine called over her shoulder while Marius pushed her out of the entrance hall. Alexis only waved after them.
“Friends of yours?” Ciel asked wryly.
“More or less. We should go too.”
Back in their hotel room, Alexis threw his overcoat over a chair, kicked his boots off and threw his mask on the big dining table. He opened his shirt and let himself fall on the sofa, stretching his arms over the back rest.
“Ah, that’s better,” he sighed. He watched Ciel put his own overcoat over another chair, slowly taking his boots off and carefully placing his mask on the table. “Oh, come here, will you?” he snapped. Ciel stopped in his tracks, looking over his shoulder at the man lunging on the sofa. “You’re hungry, are you not?” Ciel nodded. “Well, then come here. No need to be shy.”
Ciel hesitated before he did as he was told and sat astride the man. Alexis smiled gently at him. “Well, what are you waiting for?” Ciel swallowed, leaned forward and breathed the rich musky aroma of the man in, gliding his hands over the hard, muscled belly and chest. Alexis moaned contentedly, tilted his head back and closed his eyes.
Ciel pushed himself against Alexis, grinding their bodies together. He placed a soft kiss on the man’s chest and another in the tender hollow at his throat. He could feel his hunger building up, threatening to overwhelm him. He gently kissed Alexis’s neck, suckling at the soft skin before he carefully sank his canine teeth into the skin, drawing blood. Alexis groaned softly, his arms coming around Ciel. The man’s blood washed over Ciel’s tongue, warm and spicy, full of joy and light and strength. Ciel drank greedily, clawing at the man’s back, wanting more.
He could feel Alexis’s hands burning on his back through the cloth of his shirt. He wanted so much more. More. More.
Suddenly, he felt Alexis stiffen. “Ciel,” the man gasped, gently but persistently trying to push him away. “Ciel, stop now. Ciel!” Ciel jerked away from him, as if he had been burnt., his eyes wide and shocked.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered, terrified of his own greed. Alexis smiled, caressing his cheek. He looked tired.
“It’s all right,” he said soothingly. “I know it’s difficult, you’re still so young.” The little puncture wounds on his neck closed themselves slowly, only a trickle of blood was left behind. Ciel leaned forward and licked it away.
“Ciel,” Alexis breathed, pulling the boy into a deep, passionate kiss. Impatiently, he ripped the youth’s shirt open before he threw him sideways down on the sofa, pinning him beneath his stronger, taller body.
Ciel made a small protesting sound. Alexis knelt between the boy’s legs, his fingertips running tenderly over the fair skinned torso.
“Alexis,” Ciel said quietly. “That woman at the palazzo, Christine…”
“Hush,” Alexis cut him off, putting a finger over the boy’s lips. “Let’s not talk about her and that dreadful pet of a companion of hers now, all right? It ruins the mood.” And with that, he bent over and kissed Ciel’s bellybutton. Ciel giggled softly, being terribly ticklish. Alexis grinned mischievously at him.
“What are you planning?” Ciel asked suspiciously. Instead of answering, however, Alexis unbuckled Ciel’s breeches, still grinning crookedly. “Alexis?”
In one swift movement, Alexis yanked Ciel’s breeches off, leaving the boy completely exposed. “OI!” Ciel cried, trying to simultaneously cover himself and kick the man. Alexis caught one of his legs, laughing, and lifted it to his lips, trailing kisses from Ciel’s ankle all the way up to his thigh. Ciel fell back, moaning softly and closed his eyes. The man’s lips were hot and soft against his skin. He could feel his tongue licking his thigh, his hand stroking softly over his side. He gasped, digging his fingers into the sofa beneath him, when Alexis’s teeth, like needles, pierced the tender skin of his inner thigh. He felt the light pull on his own life force as Alexis drank from him, his hands still stroking him gently.
He was panting slightly by the time Alexis stopped. Ciel opened his eyes and found himself looking into the depth of Alexis’s dark eyes. They weren’t black as he had thought that night when he had first met the man, but dark, mahogany brown with a golden ring around the pupil.
“Ciel,” Alexis whispered, “I’m so glad I’ve found you.” Ciel smiled tiredly, his heart fluttering happily.
“I’m glad you’ve found me,” he replied softly.

This was one of the most dreadful nights Alexis had had in centuries. Marius was still glaring daggers at him, Christine sat on an empty crate, idly playing with a lock of her golden hair and Ciel was still unconscious.
Alexis sighed deeply. It was his own fault they had ended up like this. Any moment now, the boy would awake and he would be furious, he would condemn him, accuse him of having stolen his life. His chest constricted painfully. Ciel was everything he had been searching for, for so many lonely centuries and now he would lose him again. It would be more humane if they just killed him right here on the spot than letting him face eternity knowing he would never see the youth again.
It had been a few weeks after he had Changed Ciel. He had woken early and found the boy still sleeping soundly in his arms. He marvelled at the beauty and gentleness of the boy, but what surprised him even more was the happy jolt his heart had just made when he had opened his eyes and beheld this fine doll’s face. Alexis was happy, as happy as he hadn’t been since the day his heart had stopped beating the rhythm of mortality.
Ciel moaned softly in his sleep and nestled closer to Alexis. The lithe body pressing against his, soft, silken skin whispering against his. The boy had lit a fire inside him he had thought long dead.
Alexis smiled. He pulled the boy against his broad chest and placed a soft kiss on the top of Ciel’s head. The boy’s velvety black hair smelled like flowers.
“I won’t ever let you go again, Ciel,” Alexis had whispered before he, too, fell asleep again, the happiest man on earth.

Ciel stirred.
“Finally,” Marius exclaimed. “It’s about time we get this business done.” Christine threw him a withering glare.
The boy sat up slowly, rubbing his eyes. “What happened?” he asked, confused.
“You were unconscious for a while,” Alexis explained, not daring to touch or even look at the youth. “It’s one of Christine’s little tricks. Don’t worry, she does that to everyone.”
“Now that’s not true, Alexis,” Christine threw in. “Only to those I like.”
“Whatever.” Ciel looked from Christine, smiling dazzlingly at him, to Alexis, sitting beside him and staring at a spot on the dusty floor. The man’s face was unreadable. It gave him a stab in the heart that Alexis wouldn’t even look at him.
“Let’s get this over with,” Alexis snapped, pushing himself to his feet. “I admit, I’ve Changed Ciel without his consent nor with that of the Council. I’m guilty of drinking a mortal’s blood. I haven’t upheld our oh-so-sacred law – though I still think it’s ridiculous anyway – and I’m prepared to bear the consequences.”
No one replied, they all just stared at the man, surprised. Marius’s mouth hung open and he seemed to be uncertain if to be furious or gleeful. At last, Christine cleared her throat.
“Well, you know, Alexis, you don’t have to get so serious,” she said. “I’m sure we can handle this whole thing some other way.”
“WHAT?” Marius roared, spinning around to face his companion.
“Oh, come now Marius, Alexis is our friend,” she snapped. While they stared each other down, Ciel stood up slowly and went to Alexis. His chest felt terribly tight. To think he might really lose Alexis scared him. He was still angry with the man, but that didn’t mean he really never wanted to see his face again. On the contrary, what would he be doing without Alexis?
The man stood motionless, his face an emotionless mask, his eyes still staring blindly at some spot on the wooden wall.
“Alexis?” Ciel asked uncertainly. “Um… I… didn’t mean those things I said earlier. I…”
“You have every right to be angry,” Alexis interrupted him. “What I did was wrong. I shouldn’t have done it.”
The words were like a slap in the face. Ciel’s heart constricted painfully and he felt the sting of tears in his eyes. So Alexis really did regret it.
“Oh,” he said slowly. His throat felt tight. “Well, I…”
“Hush, my boy.” He hadn’t noticed Christine coming to stand beside him. She put her arm around his shoulders and pulled him against her. “It’s all right, my dear. Alexis!” she snapped suddenly, making them all jump. “Stop this ridiculous behaviour at once. Can’t you see you’re hurting the boy?”
Alexis snapped out of his rigidity, whirling around and finally took a good look at Ciel.
“I…” he began but Christine cut him off.
“You – you weren’t thinking. You were too busy pitying yourself and playing the big martyr. You never use your head, I really start wondering what it’s actually for. Otherwise, you would have noticed how much the boy is hurting and not because you Changed him without asking him first.” Alexis gnawed his lower lip. He seemed to be wanting to reach out to Ciel and yet, he didn’t dare to. Christine snorted impatiently. “For god’s sakes, Alexis, be honest for once. Tell the boy what you really feel and why you did what you did.”
Ciel’s heart began to flutter wildly as Alexis nodded slowly. He was glad for once that Christine held him, else his legs would have surely given in.
“At first, it has been the scent of his blood,” Alexis began, keeping his eyes on his feet now. “It was intoxicating. I knew that it’s against the law, but back then, I just couldn’t think straight anymore. All I could think of was that I wanted to taste it. And then I saw him and I felt as if I had walked into a dream. I don’t know why, but from that moment on, I wanted to have him and keep him – forever.” Alexis finally lifted his head. His dark eyes found Ciel’s, they were full of warmth and affection, sending a pleasant shiver down the boy’s back. “I’ve never wanted to have a companion, even when every one else told me I should. There was just no one in this world I could imagine spending eternity with. Until I met you, Ciel. And I’m so glad I’ve found you. I’ve been searching for you for centuries.” Ciel’s breath caught. He felt light-headed all of a sudden.
“I… I thought you were tired of me,” he stammered, relieved it wasn’t so. “I thought you regretted taking me with you.”
“Never,” Alexis replied softly. A sob escaped Ciel’s throat. Christine let go of him, pushing him slightly forward and he fell into Alexis’s arms, clutching at the man as if afraid he might still change his mind.
“Are you done now?” Marius’s exasperated voice destroyed the moment. “I’m getting sick. Can we finally get to the part where I can hurt Alexis?”
“Marius, dear,” Christine said tightly. “You really have no sense for romance.”
“Ha! Romance,” Marius spat disgustedly.
“Alexis is our friend,” Christine repeated, shaking with tightly controlled anger. “You’ve heard what he said. Do you really still want to take everything he has away from him, now that he has finally found happiness?”
“You…” A roar like thunder suddenly echoed through the shack and the air crackled. Ciel could feel the hairs on the back of his neck rising. Alexis drew him close, taking a step to the side out of Christine’s way.
“What…?” Ciel began to ask, but Alexis only shook his head. There was a smile tugging at the man’s lips.
“Christine, calm down,” Marius squeaked, taking a step backwards. “You know it’s our job to… he’s broken the law… you..” Christine moved slowly forward, her movements flowing and languid. The air around her crackled, her blue eyes were glowing menacingly. Marius kept backing away, fear in his eyes.
“Christine,” he pleaded.
“I said,” Christine said, her voice as hard and cold as steel. “Alexis is our friend and we will help him.”
A huge blast of energy roared through the night, blue light illuminating the dark shack. Ciel screwed his eyes shut, pressing his face into Alexis’s chest. Amidst the roar of thunder, they could still hear Marius screeching.

Alexis lay in the moist grass, watching the stars and the huge full moon in the velvet night sky. He remained even motionless when Ciel moved over him, opening his shirt and run his fingers gently over Alexis’s soft skin. The boy’s warm, soft lips painted a trail of kisses over his chest. He gasped when the youth’s canine teeth penetrated the sensitive skin around his nipple. His hand came up, entangling his fingers in Ciel’s silken, black hair.

A rich, musky, earthen taste washed over Ciel’s tongue. Alexis’s blood, hot and full of energy, was like the most exquisite wine and it made him light-headed. He could feel the man’s fingers in his hair, tenderly massaging his scalp, felt the strong body beneath him, pressed against his.
At last he pulled away, licking at the last drop of blood before the little puncture wounds closed again. “Alexis, do you think they’ll really keep their word?” he asked quietly.
“Don’t worry, Christine always does. And she’ll make sure Marius does too,” Alexis replied, a wicked grin on his face, and pulled the boy into a deep kiss.
After Christine had vented her anger on Marius, the little man had done as he always did: he surrendered obediently to her every whim.
Christine, herself, was glad her good friend had finally found his happiness in the form of a companion and she had no intention of ruining it now. “There’s no law without a loophole,” she had proclaimed and after listening to Ciel’s story of how he had lived before Alexis had found him and the night he was Changed, she had found what she had been looking for. “See, there we have it,” she announced happily. “There are certain exceptions that the Council recognises as a necessary break of the law. Especially if it is a question of life and death, say because of an illness or injury, but also in cases where people are tired of life.”
“You mean… what you’re saying is, that I was about to commit suicide?” Ciel asked scandalised, though to be honest, he had thought about it a couple of times.
“Well, weren’t you? Look, you were prepared to die that night and glad about it, that’s what you said yourself. It surely wouldn’t have been long before you’d considered death your only option out. I see it like that and that means the Council will too.”
And so, Christine had formed her plan. She would go and appeal to the Council on their behalf while Ciel and Alexis would lie low until this whole affair was over.
“You know,” Alexis said, sitting up and slinging his arms around Ciel’s slender waist. “Christine might not look like it, but she’s really the motherly type.”
“Motherly?” Ciel said, unconvinced.
“Yeah, well,” Alexis laughed. “Told you, she doesn’t look like it.”
“Say,” Ciel asked, becoming suddenly serious. “Would they’ve really killed you for Changing me?”
“Killed?” Alexis exclaimed. “Good god! No! Our society is strictly against the death penalty.”
“What?” Ciel blinked stupidly. “But… then… what the hell have I been so worried about and why did you act like a martyr?”
“Well, the worst case would have been a few centuries locked away in some dungeon. You know I can’t stand to be locked up anywhere.”
“A few… in.. a … what the hell? Gee, I thought you would die. This penalty is ridiculous,” Ciel cried, outraged. ::So he was just being a drama queen… again!:: Alexis burst out laughing.
“My love, I’ve told you before: our laws are all ridiculous.”
“Damn, I can’t believe this.”

Emerald eyes sparkled in the moonlight. Alexis leaned forward, placing a small kiss on the corner of Ciel’s right eye, then on the left one.
“I’m so glad I’ve found you,” he whispered into Ciel’s ear, kissing the white, slender neck. “And I won’t ever let you go again.”
Ciel smiled, throwing his arms around the man’s shoulders as he plunged his teeth into Ciel’s neck. “I’m glad you’ve found me,” Ciel replied softly and closed his eyes.
Far away on the horizon, the first light of dawn tinged the velvet sky with red. A new day was about to begin.


Bad Moon Rising / Singing Moon Part I


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