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September 2014

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A little birthday greeting

Another year has passed and so I say once again: Happy Birthday [info] arooza</div>I wish you all the happiness in the world, and I do have a little something for you. Now, I know you like Vampires - so Vampires you get, well, one. 
I have no idea why I only have ideas for short stories days before your birthday, but I guess Shiki just likes you ;) (it's my muse, yeah, she has a name now ;P).
So, without much further ado for your (and whose ever else shall feel so inclined) reading pleasure:
Warning: I'd rate it PG14, and it's a Vampire story so... 

Harvest Moon

The moon hung low and huge, tinged with red, in the velvet night sky. It was a night of magic and superstitions. It was a night made for him. Alexis was stalking the night for prey. And what a feast it would have been. The town was alive, singing and dancing, celebrating the rich harvest. He glided through the throngs of people, deeply inhaling their scent. It was dark and rich like the wine they made and every so often he couldn’t resist drifting closer and bathing in the sweetness of a maiden, the clearness of an elegant woman or the spicy odour of a youth. How delicious their blood would taste on his tongue, how smooth it would run down his throat, filling him with their lives. But all he could do was to breathe their scent and imagine their taste. Ridiculous, outrageous, not to drink human blood. Humans were their preferred prey and yet… it was law. That sodding law! It still brought him to a rage even after all these years. What were they thinking? Vampires, not feeding on humans? It was against nature. But, of course, those wretched wimps, who would call them vampires anyway? Whining about being monsters, how it hurt them to kill a human being, how much it tore at their heart and soul –what heart and what soul? Even being begged to do it they wouldn’t bite the white neck of a fair maiden, no matter how tempting. No, because it would make them even more the monster they already were. And then, they had the audacity to pass a law prohibiting to drink the blood of humans ever again. Preposterous! Alexis could still taste the sweet blood of that pretty girl all these long years ago. She had been so willing, giving him all of her, body and soul, and her life. Together they had drowned in an ocean of pleasure. Her blood had been like a drug and when he had finally come to his senses again, days later, the law had been passed. Now he had to live of low animals; it wasn’t the same and worse, it was humiliating. If ever someone should see him, nibbling and sucking on a cow, he would immediately die of shame. Alexis shook himself. The thought alone send cold shivers down his spine. He even had nightmares about it sometimes. And now, here he was, in the middle of so many delicacies and not allowed to touch them. He really was a masochist. Pitying himself, he thought it best to leave and find himself a lonely cow. Oh, how he wanted to scream out loud. He tore wildly at his long glossy hair, stomping the ground furiously. People stared at him, pointed fingers at him, whispering, giving him a wide berth. Great and now they think I’m a madman. Suddenly, the wind carried a scent to him unlike any he had ever known. Closing his eyes, he inhaled deeply, trying to discern where it had come from. There. It led him to the big market place where a gigantic bonfire illuminated the night. Some small distance away from the horde of people was a group of youths. They stood huddled around two others, and when a gap opened in the tight circle of young men, Alexis finally found the source. In the middle of the circle stood a pair of twins, a boy and a girl, about 17 or 18 years old, and they were beautiful. Both had silken ebony hair, fair skin and big, sparkling eyes in a face as delicate as a porcelain doll’s. Alexis went slowly closer, moving into the shadows to make sure he wasn’t seen. At last, he was so close he was engulfed by their scent, could already taste it on his tongue. Their individual odours had mingled in perfect harmony. And yet, something was wrong with the girl’s. Alexis closed his eyes and concentrated on her. She was stained. He watched the twins more closely. The girl was flirtatious, all too aware of her own beauty and charms, arrogantly playing the young men out against each other. But the boy, he stood timidly by her side, like a small, shy animal, craving for her closeness and yet not daring to reach out for her. He had something about him that stroke a fire in Alexis’ dead soul. He had to have him. And to hell with that blasted law.
It was the same as always. Celia had forced him to come along and now ignored him, being annoyed with him. He wished he had stayed at home, not that it was that much better, but he would have been alone at least. To be alone was better than to feel how unwanted he was. Celia was loved and treasured, but he? Not even their parents had wanted him and nor did anyone else here. Maybe he should just run away, but then what? He had no money, knew nothing of the world, he would just die miserably in a ditch by the road. So here he was, forced to attend to his sister’s whimsical demands for the rest of his pitiful life. It had taken them probably a whole five minutes to be swarmed by every bachelor in town – well, and some not-quite-bachelors. Celia was in her element, flirting with every man in a ten-metre radius as if her life depended on it. Wasn’t it enough she already had Eino? But Celia wallowed in the attention of men and enjoyed the other women’s envy; it was like air to her, without it, she would surely die. And, of course, he got completely ignored. Well, completely wasn’t true, he could feel their eyes on him whenever they thought no one saw. He knew what they were thinking: Why can’t you be a girl? They had told him that since he had been a child. “What’s the use of having that pretty face when you are a boy?”, his mother had snapped at him again and again. Celia seemed to be the only one who was happy he wasn’t a girl. For obvious reasons. “Sorry, lads, but you had enough of my girl now,” Eino announced, pushing through the circle of men around them and grinning broadly. He slung his arms around Celia’s slim waist, swept her off her feet and kissed her deeply. A disappointed murmur ran through the circle and the men began to disperse, going on the hunt for other pretty girls. “Hello there, Ciel,” Eino sneered, grinning lewdly at him. Celia giggled, pressing her face against Eino’s wide chest. Ciel felt his face flush and dropped his gaze, staring at his feet. He could feel Eino coming closer until they almost touched. Ciel’s heart constricted painfully. “What? You’re not talking to me anymore?” Eino asked. “Oh, leave him be, he’s of no use anyway,” Celia spat disgustedly and drew Eino away. Sniggering, they left, leaving Ciel all to himself. He kept his gaze on the ground, trying desperately to blink the tears from his eyes. He couldn’t breathe, his chest was too tight and it hurt so much. Ever since he had accidentally told Celia that he liked Eino, they had been mocking him, laughing about him and flaunting their ‘love’ in front of him. Eino had been so nice to him before, at least that’s what he had thought. The man had always been smiling at him whenever they met and sometimes he had even given Ciel candies or had plucked a flower from the side of the road for him. It had been nothing but a lie. How could he have been so stupid as to believe Eino liked him? One day, a few months ago, he had heard Celia and Eino talking about him, laughing their heads off. They’d had it all planned. That day, Ciel’s heart had broken into a thousand tiny pieces. It had only been an illusion; no one would ever want him.
The circle of men dispersed with the arrival of another. And soon, he and the girl left. Alexis saw the twin boy staying behind, alone and staring at the ground, but Alexis could still see the heartbroken pain in his poise. But more importantly, the minute the girl had vanished and the twins’ scents seperated, the boy’s became clearer, more defined and – it was intoxicating. Alexis felt his senses coming to life like they hadn’t in years; a desperate hunger flamed up inside him. Pull yourself together! If he didn’t control himself, he would savage the boy until there was nothing left of him. No, he had to be careful, seduce him and when he had him in his grasp, he would savour him. It was only right to pay homage to this marvellous gift the night had made him. Slowly, cautiously, he moved through the shadows, closer towards the boy. He was so fragile and looked so lost the way he was standing there, his eyes still on the ground, obviously fighting tears. Alexis came to stand beside the boy, felt his body’s heat, feeling slightly dizzy from the boy’s fragrance. The youth jumped slightly, startled to suddenly find he was not alone anymore. He looked at Alexis with wide eyes. They were wonderful, sparkling emeralds. Alexis smiled warmly. “Hello, are you alone?” he asked, infusing his voice with all possible gentleness. The boy didn’t answer. “Would you allow me to invite you for a drink?” Wine was always good, it made them relax. “If you think you can get to my sister through me, I have to disappoint you,” the boy answered pertly. Alexis blinked, surprised. “And why would I want that?” “Because everyone does,” the youth answered, but he sounded unsettled. Alexis smiled again and looked deep into those green eyes. “I’m not everyone,” he purred. “So, what do you say?” The boy fidgeted, his eyes darting nervously into the direction his sister had vanished. “A-all right,” he whispered at last. Alexis’ smile broadened. The first door had been opened. “I’m Alexis. May I know you’re name?” “Ciel,” he answered shortly. Alexis took the boy to an abandoned bench at the edge of the market place and bade him to wait while he procured them a drink. It was terribly hard to tear himself away from this fair youth, now that he had gotten so close, but he had to keep appearance if all should go according to plan. So, he hurried off towards the nearest booth, not wanting to leave Ciel alone for a moment too long.
Ciel sat on the wooden bench overlooking the bustle of the market place. What am I doing here? This man was probably just trying to get out of the whole affair keeping his face, too embarrassed to admit he had been trying to get to Celia through him. There was no way he had really meant to invite Ciel. Guess he won’t be coming back. But to be honest, he wouldn’t have needed any absurd tactics to get close to Celia, she would have happily kicked Eino aside and thrown herself into Alexis’ arms. After all, that man was easily the most handsome man Ciel had ever seen. He had long shiny brown hair with strands of gold in it, his skin was as white as Ciel’s but in the light from the fire, it had a bronze sheen. And those eyes. He had never before seen eyes so dark and deep, looking at them he had felt as if he was drawn into them, as if he could drown in their depth. He balled his hands into fists. What an idiot he was to feel attracted to the man. Did he never learn? The last time he had liked someone had ended in a disaster and he still had to suffer the consequences. So stupid, he berated himself. But then, Alexis might not even come back and maybe Ciel should just go home and enjoy the few hours he had for him alone. “I’m sorry it took so long,” a deep, purring voice apologised. Ciel looked up, startled to find Alexis in front of him, holding two cups and smiling warmly. Ciel took the proffered cup tentatively, not daring to drink from it. Why was Alexis back? What did he still want from him? “What’s wrong?” Alexis asked, concerned, and sat down beside him. “N-nothing,” he stammered hastily and took a sip of wine. “You thought I wouldn’t be back, didn’t you?” Ciel choked on his wine. “I…” “It’s alright,” Alexis said. He reached a hand out and pushed a strand of hair behind Ciel’s ear. A shiver ran down his spine and he blushed furiously. Quickly, he dropped his eyes, escaping this burning dark gaze. But Alexis put a hand under his chin and forced him gently to look at him. “You should be more confident in yourself, Ciel.” His name spoken by this purring voice made him shiver. “But… Celia is…” he stammered, not knowing what he meant to say. “I’ve seen your sister. Compared to you she is nothing but a weak shadow. But you Ciel, you are a light brighter than the sun.” Ciel’s breath caught. What was going on? Was this man mocking him? Was this a new plan Celia had come up with to make fun of him, to humiliate him? Why else would Alexis say those things, no one ever had. Celia was the adored one; he was the useless one, the one who shouldn’t even have been born, the one no one wanted. No, he wouldn’t fall for it again, wouldn’t give her new munitions to make his life even more miserable. Ciel stood up quickly, his cup slipping out of his hand, crashing to pieces on the cobble and spilling wine. His hands were trembling. “Ciel?” Alexis looked at him, surprised, and reached a hand out to him. “No!” Ciel cried and yanked his arm out of Alexis’ reach. Angry tears were burning in his eyes. “I know you’re just making fun of me, aren’t you?” “What?” Alexis asked, taken aback. “I’m not.” “I don’t believe you,” he yelled, turned on his heels and stormed off. He had enough of this, of his sister, his parents, the townspeople, who called him useless, and he had enough of this life. He couldn’t take it anymore.
Alexis was blinking like an owl after the boy. What the hell? That had never happened before. Had he gotten rusty over all these years? No, that couldn’t be. But damn, that boy had quite a temper, he really hadn’t counted on that. Those emerald eyes alight with fury, the white skin slightly blushed – he was stunning when he was angry. However, Ciel seemed to truly believe that no one wanted him. Had the people in this town no eyes in their heads? Always the same. Human beings simply weren’t capable of appreciating true beauty; they never knew what treasures lay right in front of them. Though, this could be so much the better for him. He stood up slowly, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The boy’s scent still lingered in the air. And it would lead Alexis to him like a red thread. He was in no great haste, even strolling he was faster than any human. And sure enough, only moments later he found Ciel, leaning on a tree in the middle of a little grove just at the edge of town. “A beautiful creature like you shouldn’t be out here, alone in the dark, who knows what might happen,” he purred, making Ciel jump. The boy shied away from him, looking wildly about, surely wondering how Alexis had found him so fast and how he could have snuck up from behind without him noticing. His whole body was tensed, poised, ready to bolt, his gaze was locked on Alexis, watching every tiny movement. He seemed to sense that something wasn’t as it should be. Marvellous. Alexis had never felt the necessity of having a companion, but maybe he had only now found the right one. It would be a waste to just kill the boy. “What do you want?” Ciel snapped, all furious bravado, but the anxiety in his eyes betrayed his true feelings. “My sweet boy, what do you think I want?” Alexis replied, slowly moving towards Ciel. Cautious, not to scare him off. Ciel seemed at a loss, backing away with every single step Alexis took towards him. “I want you,” Alexis made clear. “Why?” Ciel whispered unbelievingly. Alexis could feel how desperate he was to have someone accepting him. “Why not, Ciel? You can’t even imagine how much I want you.” Alexis moved fast, too fast for the boy to have a chance to flee – he couldn’t even see his movements. He pushed the youth against a tree and held him tight. Ciel’s eyes were wide with shock and fear, his body was trembling, but he didn’t fight Alexis. Then, suddenly, the fear in the boy’s eyes faded to be replaced by a shy curiosity. “You’re not a normal human, are you?” he asked quietly. Alexis smiled, baring his white, sharp fangs. Ciel’s eyes grew wide again, but this time in astonishment, there was no fear in them at all. I’m definitely going to keep that boy. “A vampire?” “That, I am,” he replied, pressing himself closer against the youth, revelling in this intoxicating scent. Just a tiny moment longer.
Ciel’s heart was racing. When the man had suddenly pushed him against the tree, moving too fast to be seen, it had scared him. He had looked into the man’s face and what he saw fascinated him just as much as it terrified him. The dark, almost black eyes had turned a bright crimson, burning into him with an intensity that stole his breath away. Alexis smiled and he could see the sharp, pointed fangs. A vampire. He had heard of them before, but no one had encountered one for ages. “So, what you really want is my blood?” It was disappointing. Now that he had finally met someone who wanted him, it wasn’t for who he was. “Yes,” Alexis admitted. “But I want more, I want all of you.” “Is that what you tell your victims before you kill them?” Ciel asked wryly. Gee, what a lame chat-up line, he had heard better ones from men in town, sweet-talking a girl. And besides, despite knowing nothing of the world, he wasn’t that gullible. “What? That’s not fair, I haven’t done this in ages, and even then I have said this maybe to three others at the most.” Ciel couldn’t help but laugh seeing the scandalised look on the vampire’s face. The man smiled back. “Does it hurt?” Alexis shook his head. “I will be careful, I promise.” Ciel took a deep breath and regarded the man thoughtfully for a long while. The vampire seemed to mean what he said. Perhaps he should take his chances with him. There was nothing here, in this life that held him. He would always be lonely and unwanted without a place he truly belonged to. Maybe this was how it was supposed to be. “Alright,” he breathed, embracing whatever fate might bring.
“Are you sure?” Alexis asked. The boy only nodded, not taking his eyes of him. Alexis leaned down and pressed his lips softly against the youth’s, watching for any sign of protest or fear. There was none. He kissed Ciel again, deeper and more demanding, tasting the boy. A long forgotten, golden taste. The hunger for the boy’s blood was nearly overwhelming, he willed himself to calm down, to be careful. Ciel moaned slightly, responding to the kiss. They always did, it was the most supreme technique a vampire had to make them compliant, be it man or woman. A vampire’s kiss was unique. But this time, it was different, he could feel it too. Alexis broke the kiss, trailing his lips over Ciel’s jaw and down his neck. There, between neck and collarbone, he sank his teeth in. The silken skin broke, blood welled up. The boy gasped, clutching at Alexis, as he took his first deep draught. A life-force as bright and warm as the sun infused him, set his body on fire. The boy’s blood was the richest and sweetest velvet wine. Oh, god. How he had missed this. No, this was unlike anything he had ever known. It drove him close to madness, lightening a desire that was burning him. He wanted more, so much more.
His first kiss. Lips, so soft, so gentle, teasing his, shyly at first, becoming more demanding, hungry. Ciel felt his knees go weak. He clutched at Alexis, holding on to the man as tightly as he could. Alexis’ lips left his, ran down his jaw, his neck, making his whole body break out in goose bumps. His heart was beating frantically, his breath came quickly. Two sharp needlepoints broke his white skin and sank deep inside. Ciel gasped. He could feel his life being drawn from him and yet, he wasn’t scared. And just as Alexis had promised, it didn’t hurt. The sensation was overwhelming, his knees buckled and he would have fallen if Alexis hadn’t held him so tight. He let his head fall back. Above him, through the canopy of the tree, shone the enormous, red tinged moon. His vision became blurry, the edges growing dark. He felt himself weakening, his body slackened, his grip loosened. Alexis crushed him against his own body like a lifeless rag doll. So I’m going to die now. Ciel didn’t feel regret or fear. In the end at least, someone had truly wanted him. His emerald eyes closed slowly and a black velvet curtain fell softly over the world.
~ The End ~
Hunter's Moon


Weeeee! :D Dankeschöön! *knuddels*

Viele liebe Grüße auch an Shiki. ;)
Wow that's long...am I supposed to read that at all? lol
Of course you shall read this ;D

It is a short story, but when I wrote it I was also thinking 'woah, it just gets longer and longer' o_o Actually when I did the review I threw some stuff away because it sounded awful and was of no use.

And arooza still complained it was too short ;D
OK :) But I'm going to print that out tomorrow and read it in my lunch break lol Keine Ahnung wieso, aber ist irgendwie schwer zu lesen -shrugs- Vielleicht bin ich einfach zu müde.

Sometimes it's needed to write more to express things lol Did you read Twilight? Just wondered because of the smelly blood. Why does smelly sounds ugh... lol

Good stories can't be long enough :D It's like with books or book series you really love. The end means to say good bye to people you 'felt in love with'...-sniffs-
Kein Problem. Ich kann manchmal auch absolut gar nichts am PC lesen.

Ich habe tatsächlich Twilight gelesen *g* - aber das mit dem 'smelly blood' kommt bei mir eher von der Idee, dass ein Vampir ein Raubtier ist, und da jeder Mensch anders riecht, denk ich jetzt einfach mal tut das auch sein Blut (zumindest für Vampire), so wie auch jeder einen anderen Geschmack hat. Oder so... Außerdem hat die Meyers ja auch gut zusammengeklaubt was da so ging *lol*

Das ist wahr, gute Geschichten und tolle Charaktere sind einfach super, aber manchmal kommt dann doch die Zeit, wo es einfach besser ist Abschied zu nehmen, egal wie traurig es auch ist. *seufz*
;) aber ich lass es Dich wissen.

Also irgendwie war Twilight doch echt furchtbar. Ich hab nach New Moon aufgehört. Fand ich schrecklich oder ich bin zu alt ;) Es war zwar irgendwie 'hooking' oder eben so schlecht, dass es fast wieder gut ist.

Das stimmt. Ist wie mit manchen Serien. Irgendwann tun sie sich keinen Gefallen mehr.
Nyahahahaha Twilight, ja das ist schon so ein Fall für sich. Irgendwie nett zu lesen und so, aber man muss sich andauernd so fürchterlich darüber aufregen *lol*

Oh ja, nur weil eine Serie mal gut war und beliebt heißt das nicht dass das nach etlichen Jahren immer noch so ist.
Irgendwie ja ;) Zumindest Band eins, aus welchen Grunden auch immer. Ich hab mich mit Bella so schwer getan... Ich meine dieser Name...Bella, die Schöne und Swan, das angeblich reinste, anmutigste und schönste Tier im Tierreich und dann kommt so ne von Selbstzweifeln zerfressene Tussi an, naja.


Bringt Alexis Ciel jetzt eigentlich um oder macht er ihn zum Buddy?

Edited at 2009-10-01 02:00 pm (UTC)
Ja das wüsstest du wohl gerne, was?! ;)

Okay, ich verrat dir was, aber psssss ;)*flüster* also: ich würde mal sagen Alexis kriegt grad noch die Kurve und macht Siel zu seinem Buddy ;)

Ja, Bella ist....ähm...ja.... ^^
Na klar :) Ist ja auch ein interessantes Thema ;)
Danke ;) Und ja my lips are sealed :D Nicht einfach für Vampy wenn er mal so nuckelt.

Wobei ich mich grad frag, nicht wegen Deiner Story, sondern allgemein wieso Vampirromane so oberflächlich sind. Hab gerade das erste Buch der 'Black Dagger' gelesen und besser als Twilight ist es jetzt nicht gerade nur 'erwachsener'.
Oh no!!! Ich seh grad, dass ich in meinem vorherigen Kommentar Ciel mit S geschrieben hab! o.O Böse Tastatur!! Ganz böse!!!! *grrr*

Wieso Vampireromane oberflächlich sind? Hmmm, gute Frage. Also bei vielen liegt es tatsächlich einfach schon mal daran, dass sie für Teens geschrieben werden und alle nach ein und dem selben Prinzip funktionieren. Und alle anderen? Wer weiß, vielleicht trauen sich die Autoren einfach nicht mal richtig zur Sache zu gehen oder so?
Die 'Black Dagger' Reihe hab ich auch andauernd bei meinen Empfehlungen, aber das reizt mich gar nicht, klingt irgendwie alles immer gleich.

Guckst du eigentlich Vampire Diaries? (oder hast die Bücher mal gelesen oder so?)
Das find ich bis jetzt eigentlich gar nicht schlecht, die sagt wenigstens nicht zu allem Ja und Amen und der 'böse Bruder' ist sehr unterhaltsam ;)
Ja diese Tastatur...dass die auch immer nicht hören muss.

Kommt wohl drauf an was Du mit 'zur Sache gehen meinst'. In der 'Black Dagger' Reihe geht's zumindest im Bett gut zur Sache. Manches müsste jetzt nicht wirklich sein, aber gut. Bei der deutschen Übersetzung haben sie den ersten Band in zwei Teile gesplittet was total furchtbar ist weil man IMHO merkt, dass da was fehlt. Aber gut, ich find's auch zu oberflächlich, irgendwie können manche schon viel schreiben ohne was zu sagen.

Ich lad sie mir runter und wenn ich ein paar Folgen hab brenn ich sie und nehm sie mit nach Hause, hab ich gestern getan nur noch nicht geguckt. Die Bücher hab ich damals gelesen, als sie rausgekommen sind 92...aber man merkt, dass die Romane auf die Jugendlichen von damals zugeschnitten sind. Da gibt's mal nen Kuss und das war's so ziemlich an Zwischenmenschlichen ;) Gut Tyler wollte Elena an die Wäsche, aber sonst. Es dreht sich halt mehr um den Kampf gegen das Böse. Keine Ahnung inwiefern das auch in der Serie so ist...muss ich erst gucken. Aber von was ich im Pilot gesehen hab (den hab ich geguckt) sind die Ähnlichkeiten zum Roman ehr geringer. Da gab's keine Toten die aus der Luft auf's Auto fliegen ;) Stefan hat auch in ner Pension bei ner alten verschrobenen Dame gelebt und nicht bei nem Typen der von seinem Geheimnis weiß. Und ich kann mich auch nicht dran erinnern, dass die Salvatores schon früher in Fell’s Church aktiv waren, so soll es doch im Film sein - hab ich online gelesen. Im Buch hat Elena ihn quasi angelockt (so weit ich mich erinnern kann) und selbige hatte auch eine kleine Schwester mit 5 oder so und keinen Bruder der auf Drogen macht und für's Teenagerpublikum heiß genug aussieht. Das war damals echt Kult lol Die Romane wurden vom Cora Verlag in der Mystery Reihe aufgelegt und waren immer total schnell komplett ausverkauft. Diese Groschenhefte wurden teilweise für 30 Mark (eines) bei eBay gehandelt. das war echt verrückt.
Also guck ich die Serie etwas zwiegespalten und versuche mal beides total zu trennen.

Wiki says:
Changes from the novels

The television series has changed many things in adapting the novels to screen. Some minor changes include characters' last names being changed and their relationships to each other somewhat altered. Some major changes include renaming the town the story is set in. Fell's Church was changed to Mystic Falls, as producers were unable to get legal clearance for the name. Also, Jeremy Gilbert, Elena's younger brother, is not a character in the novels (Elena instead has a little sister named Margaret). Similarly, the character of Jenna Sommers, Elena's aunt, was originally named Judith Gilbert in the novels. The character of Bonnie in the novels was a red head and a descendant to the Druids, in the TV series she appears African-American and is a descendant of the Salem witches. Also Vicki and Matt are brother and sister in the TV series but aren't in the novels.

Both Damon's and Stefan's back stories have also been changed. Instead of hailing from Renaissance Italy, Stefan and Damon appear to be from Civil War-era Mystic Falls. Another addition is Zach, Stefan and Damon's human relative, as this character never appeared in the novels. Also, in the novels, Elena is described as a blonde, blue-eyed, "ice princess", whereas in the show she is a brown-eyed brunette. Elena's other best friend Meredith from the novel is not in the TV series. However, it has been hinted that she will eventually appear.[10]

Must admit I liked the different three girls and even if I think witches are great druids are better lol

Edited at 2009-10-08 01:33 pm (UTC)
Ich hab die Bücher nie gelesen, aber die Serie find ich bis jetzt gar nicht schlecht so.
Natürlich wenn die da soviel geändert haben und du die Bücher ja mochtest, könnt's vielleicht echt schwierig werden *shrugs*

Ich persönlich bin auch ganz froh, dass Elena nicht blond ist, muss ja nun echt nicht andauernd sein, oder?! ;)

Der erste Band ist in 2 Teile geschnitten?? Ist ja mal voll nervig o.O
Ja, manchmal übertreiben sie dann voll mit den Bettgeschichten und finden kein richtiges Mittelmaß mehr, das nervt dann echt, vor allem wenn man das Gefühl hat dass es ansonsten nicht gerade viel Story mehr gibt o_o
Na ja manchmal bin ich mit dem Vergessen des Alters gesegnet ;) Vielleicht geht's ja. Aber zuerst mal warten bis Torchwood aus ist und Merlin. Sonst hab ich echt noch DVD guck Stress o.O Wieso muss man aber auch arbeiten.

Im Grunde ist mir die Haarfarbe ja relativ wurscht ;) Auch Brünette können einen mit dem Dummchen Blick 'Hilfe ich bin eine Frau hilf mir über die Straße' in den Wahnsinn treiben.
Im VD Fall finde ich nur, dass es eine unnötige Änderung ist aber gut...ist ja die Serie.

Jup, einfach mal so schön getrennt, macht ja auch das doppelte an Kohle. Regt mich schon bei Serien auf...Säcke.
Und weil's oft einfach verschenktes Potential ist. Da könnte es rund gehen und was ist sie schmeißt sich ihm an den Hals, weil er ja die Geilheit in Person ist, sorry. Hallo...wieso müssen sich Neuzeitvampire durch die Betten kämpfen...
Ja, das folgt eben dem Prinzip 'Sex sells', wie immer halt. Aber ich muss auch ganz ehrlich zugeben, dass ich eh ein großes Problem mit weiblichen Charakteren haben, ich bin von den meisten immer sehr schnell genervt ohne Ende.

Oh Merlin, aber die 2. Staffel hat doch praktisch erst angefangen - aber wird wohl auch nur 13 Folgen haben =(
Und Stress mit gucken - oh ja, es gibt einfach zu viele nette Sachen. Und Bücher. Und Filme. Und Ideen in meinem Kopf..... und... argh! Ich brauch längere Tage!! So viel zu tun und so wenig Zeit *schnief*
Hmm die meisten werden halt relativ schnell in ne bestimmte Schublade gesteckt und kommen einfach wenig realistisch rüber. Oder was ich auch als extrem nervig empfinde, dass die immer in jedem Job supertiefe Ausschnitte und High Heels tragen, wo man sich schon beim zusehen die Beine bricht. Da nehm ich Lisbon und Reese die toughe Polizistin schon ehr ab als den Labormäusen von CSI.

Und in Vampirromaen erliegen ja eh alle Mädels denn supertollen Vampiren. Ich kenn das gar nicht anders. Nur manchmal ist's schon heftig.

Ja leider :( Wenn ich seh wie viele Staffelfolgen die US Serien haben sind 13 schon mickrig.

Die Ideen in meinem Kopf sind gerade so extrem furchtbar, dass sie mich von allem abhalten :( Und so durcheinander, dass ich hinterher nichts mehr weiß -sigh-

Und nu haste noch die Uni, das Leben ist nicht nett -pouts- Ich hoffe Du hast bald wieder Zeit für ne Geschichte :))
Wohl war, Lisbon ist toll, und sie wirkt autentisch. Könnte tatsächlich auch an ihrem Outfit liegen ;)
Die Berater von CSI haben mal gesagt, dass ja normalerweise die auch immer komplett in Schutzanzügen und Masken sein müssten, aber das würde ja keiner sehen wollen o.O

Das ist aber auch das Problem an Vampirromanen, vor allem wenn die alle haargenau dem selben Schema folgen. Und man kommt sich vor als würde es nur noch Vampire geben, die niemanden beißen

Und dabei ist Merlin doch so toll *seufz*

Ohje...*furchtbare Gedanken vertreib* (stell dir einfach einen Schamanen vor). Böse Gedanken, sollen sich mal benehmen!
Also diese Woche ist echt extrem schlimm, vor allem, weil ich außer Uni dauernd sonst noch wo rumrennen muss wegen meiner Oma und sonst so, und das Wochenende wird auch stressig... argh... aber danach wird's wieder besser und dann komm ich bestimmt auch endlich wieder zum schreiben :D
Na ja gut das mit den Schutzanzügen kann ich verstehen, aber ganz so auftussen ist ja mindestens genauso unglaubwürdig. Aber gut die Männer brauchen High Heels und Ausschnitte...wobei Miami ja am krassesten ist.

Ja es gibt ja heute auch Tru Blood, da muss man niemanden mehr beißen ;) Und der eine Typ in den Black Dagger forscht da ja auch dran... die guten alten Zeit...wo sind sie ;)

Psst...ich nähere mich gerade dem Ende der 1 Staffel und wenn dann die zweite anfängt dann gibt's bald kein Merlin mehr, dann muss ich warten und hoffen, dass die BBC noch mehr bestellt...da will ich gerade nicht dran denken.

Wenn ich Dienstag die Dinge für Harryween aufgebe ist ein Teil vom Tisch ;) Dann muss ich mich nicht mehr mit Hogwarts rumschlagen.

Oh ich hoffe Deiner Oma geht's gut! Dann wird's ja ab morgen wieder ruhiger.