Scribbles Masterpost

This is a masterpost giving an overview of my works I've posted here on my journal. It will be updated accordingly.

To get an overview of the single stories just click the titles.

Short story collections:

For the lack of a better defintion that's what I call what started out as one single short story, but ended up being several short stories building on each other (they are not really chapters, at least not in my opinion, so...)

Happily Maybe After - a fairy tale parody following the adventures of wannabe hero Bran, Prince(ss) Finn and his constantly drunken and very forgetful fairy godmother Pax

Status: 7 stories - ongoing

Moon Cycle - a love story between two Vampires (I swear it's not as cheesy as it sounds. I don't like cheesy stuff)

Status: 3 stories (last one divided into two parts) - complete (probably)


aka works that have the approx. the length of a novel... whatever.

Runaway - slice-of-life about a young runaway and his first love, struggling with the ghosts of their past, obsession / possessivness, pressure and depression

Status: complete; Prologue - 13 chapter - Epilogue


Arilly - a little drabble I wrote for my best friend's birthday years ago, which created the tradition of me always posting a new short story or chapter on her birthday, dedicated to her


Happily Maybe After

My fairy tale parody aka the thing in which I mess up well-known fairy tale motifs and characters. It's so far the only funny thing I've written, and it only happened because two very good friends of mine said they wanted to read something funny for a change. So there you have it.

Rating: Teens?? I have honestly no idea
Warnings: occassional swearing, boozing, random nonesense, total crack, characters with identity crises
Disclaimer: I don't own any fairy tale character that might or might not appear at any time whatsoever - everything else though is mine and mine alone ;P

The Princess in the tower

The big, bad Wolf

The bully and the Gingerbread House

Fur balls and rotten apples

An exhausting task

There are two kinds of dwarves

Pax the Mighty

The Alright, the Mediocre and the Ugly

Status: to be continued


Moon Cycle

I admit, it's not really a cycle, but a quartet rather. However, when I named it, I wasn't sure whether or not I would still continue this, so...

Consistent of three short stories, building on each other (last one divided in two parts).

Rating: 16 (more or less, I'm not really sure, but...)
Warning: Vampires, m/m realtionship

Harvest Moon

Hunter's Moon

Bad Moon Rising / Singing Moon Part 1

Bad Moon Rising / Singing Moon Part2

Status: probably complete


✿ Happily maybe after Part V ✿

It's that time of the year and that means: one short story dedicated to my best friend, arooza, for her birthday (◕‿◕✿)

This is the fifth part of my fairy tale parody, the other parts are found right here:
The Princess in the Tower
The big, bad Wolf
The bully and the Gingerbread House
Fur balls and rotten apples

Warning: This story makes no sense whatsoever, it's just some cracked up parody ^^
Disclaimer: I don't own Rumpelstiltskin or any other fairy tail character that might or might not show up eventually, however, I do own this particular story and all the rest of the characters including the whole wide world - oh yes, it will be mine, mine alone - MWAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! (copied it from Part I, by now you should all know to call me Master! - nyahahahaha)(⌒.−)=★

P.S. 50 points and an imaginary cookie for the one who finds the itsy-bitsy movie reference and tells me which movie it was from.

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~☆ Happily maybe after - Part IV ☆~

No, this not a belated Christmas present or a too early New Year's whatever - it's exactly on time as it should be *cough*
Anyway - hey hey! It's Part IV already. And trying to fit two different fairy tales into one story wasn't easy, it took me really quite a time until inspiration struck. But here it is.

Btw, I didn't feel at all like proofreading this one, so in case you find any strange mistakes - a very drunken, forgetful pixie put them there... ;)

Warnings and Disclaimer: See as always Part I 'the Princess in the Tower'

The Princess in the Tower (Part I)
The big, bad Wolf (Part II)
The bully and the Gingerbread House Part III

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Happily maybe after Part 3

Yes, it's that time of year, it's arooza's birthday and to continue a nice little tradition, that means it's also short story time. And so, make an educated guess what's coming now.....

... Exactly! Part 3 of my little fairy tale parody. Wait, did I say 'part 3'? Yes, I did, and I do can count - well.... at least I can count to ten... because I have ten fingers...
But if you feel like there's something missing, then you might have not read the other parts - clever deduction skills, eh?!

Those are the other parts:
Part I: The Princess in the tower

Part II: The big bad Wolf

Warnings and Disclaimer: see 'The Princess in the Tower'

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